Put a smile to the Day

Fog over the river

Picture taken this morning, view over the Huon River, south of Hobart.

Is it true that we feel better when it is a bright and sunny day? I know this has nothing to do with my food blog, but I could not help it but have to rush outside to take this picture. It has been raining so much for the last week and every morning we get up it will be dark and foggy to go to work, and dark again by the time we get back from work. So it is really nice to see the clear blue sky. It is a perfect day to be outside, TLC the garden and vege patch, maybe a BBQ in mid afternoon. 

Hope all of you have a good day and put a smile 🙂 to a beautiful sunny morning.

3 responses to “Put a smile to the Day

  1. oh yeah, now thats my kinda view. There would be some nice cave formations on the other side of that river.

    You mentioned a BBQ, what a perfect place for it.

    Hope you two enjoy the weekend.

  2. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend away. This is absolutely beautiful. There is something about mist over the hills.

    It reminds me of the Otway Ranges in Victoria..fields and fields of daffodils and gathering clay to make clay pots.

  3. Thanks Min and Aquanut – I had a wonderful time in Melbourne. Sorry I have been neglecting my blog for a few days. Just so busy with other things and finding time to update my post.

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