New Look

I have change the look on my foodtrail’s blog. Hope you like it. I think it is cleaner and easier to read. Oldest comment is displayed first. 

However, my partner thinks it is quite hard to read the comments because they are all over the place. What do you think?

I will trial this new look until end of July. If the response is good, I will keep it. If not, I will see how I can improve the look to make it more interesting and friendly for all of us.

“Terima Kasih”  or Thank You for your continuing support and interest on my blog.

Victor 🙂

13 responses to “New Look

  1. Victor..I’ll cope. It’s a little bit too small for me to read.

    I hope that this will give you a laugh. When I first came across Indian cooking one of my favorites was/is Mulligatawny soup. The recipe called for red curry paste and so I picked up the only one that I could find on the supermarket shelf.

    Youngest (who knows her stuff) said, Mum I think that you might have used Thai curry paste and not Indian.

    To this day I would much rather Mulligatawny with Thai curry paste rather than Indian.

    • LOL! Very interesting, Min. Are you able to describe the difference in the flavour between a Thai Red Curry Paste versus an Indian Red Curry Paste? I imagine the Thai one would be hotter and a bit sourish?

      Did you watch MasterChef tonight? Clever on Poh to go with Malaysian theme to her advantage. I feel sorry for the other contestants especially Julia, who is in so much tears.

  2. you have me thinking..what is the difference between a basic Thai Red Curry Paste and an Indian one…???

    Mind you the recipe was from a Woman’s Weekly cookbook and it stated ‘red curry paste’. Therefore even if one was to choose an Indian curry paste which one should it be for Mulligatawny soup?

    I would have to ask youngest how she knew that the paste that I used was Thai and not Indian…she has been a vegetarian since birth and is very sensitive to the taste of things. And now our little grand-daughter won’t eat anything (baby food) with meat in it..hehe..luckily daughter in law has been forewarned about the vegetarian predispositions of this family…

    • How interesting, Min. I just did a bit of surfing on the net to understand this Mulligatawny soup, because I have never come across this dish in Malaysia. I have also not known that soup is a common dish for Indians.

      This is really an Anglo-Indian dish, also commonly known as “pepper water” and has many versions in India. I have found this on recipe, which looks quite enticing.

      In most Indian curry dish, they like to use fresh curry leaves. You should have no problem finding them in your area. I have grown the tree in my green house. I love using the fresh leaf to give my curry dish more depth.

  3. Tweed Heads I have big problems finding fresh ingredients, it’s a choice of Coles or Woolworths.

    However, some good news. Hubby went over to a small shopping centre and there was..wait for Asian Supermarket.

    I have now found a fresh seafood supplier and a wholesale butcher (A grade meat), both in the industrial estate and now an Asian Supermarket.

    It was easy when we were living at Billinudgel..just a choof into Mullumbimby for Santos foods, several vegetarian delis and an excellent butcher.

  4. Wow, the website looks great and has a better feel to it.
    Hopefully tonight i can get a better look at it. I like the rating idea too, at first i thought our comments were going to be rated.

  5. Victor..I forgot to thank you for the mulligatawny soup recipe. This one is certainly an improvement on the one that have made before.

    I agree Hexx. I’m always a stick-in-the-mud re changes but now that I’ve used the new site, I certainly agree. Oh dear, wouldn’t that be awful..imagine if contributors comments were rated. It would have been a bit similar to high school when the best that I could have hoped for was a B-

  6. Hexx/Min – thank you so much for your encouragement. Very glad that you both find the new look friendly.

    Min – I thought the recipe looks good as well, just by reading the type of ingredients that goes into making the spice paste. Let me know whether it works. No need to buy a red curry paste anymore. 🙂

    Btw my favourite curry powder is the traditional Malaysian Ayam Brand.

  7. pleased to report that the mulligatawny was excellent. I increased the amount of red lentils by another 1/4 cup making it about the consistency as say a thick pumpkin soup. There is a reason for this. Serve with pappadums. Break off pieces of pappadum and use these as ‘a spoon’ for the soup. Makes it fun to eat too.

  8. I didnt get a chance to look the website over properly but you can rest assured i approve and you can keep it. I was going to bribe you for my approval and saw the Red Curry Beef recipy and let it go with out thought. 😉

    • LOL. Thanks for the plug, Hexx. Well, I did promised in my last post “weekend foodtrail at a dinner party” that I will post the recipes that I cooked. So, tomorrow I will post the remaining two – Garlic and Chilli Chicken and Fried Duck Eggs. That will be a double bonus for you. 🙂

  9. Wah

    So siok looking lah – much better one improvement hehe – and ha mid “terimah kaseh” – not Bumi one! KAM SIAH LOR! 🙂

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