“What’s Cooking” – Red Curry Beef

DSC01030“What’s  Cooking” tonight is a Red Curry Beef with Potatoes and Carrots. This is a Malaysian style curry dish. Malaysian food is very diverse and is a real melting pot of many different culinary cuisines; ranging from Malay, Indian, Chinese, Mamak (which is Hindu Muslim), Nyonya (Straits Chinese), Hawker style (“Street Food”) and many others.

If you are a MasterChef Australia’s fan and if you have watched tonight’s program, one of the contestant, Poh (born in Malaysia) has the advantage to choose tonight’s theme and two key ingredients for the invention test. She chose a Malaysian theme, and the key ingredients are coconut cream and Ling (a firm fish which is good for curry). Malaysian cuisine, unlike Thai, Vietnamese and Indian, is a cuisine that is not familiar to a lot of people. The judges describe the cuisine as complex with many different flavours making use of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, galangal as an example of some base ingredients to make a Malaysian dish. Naturally, Poh won tonight’s challenge with her creation of “Otak-Otak” and her rich pandan flavoured coconut pudding.

Last weekend I cooked a red curry beef for my dinner party. I choose a tomato base for the dish rather than creating a rich coconut curry dish. 

To make the curry paste, pound or blend the following ingredients (if you like a bit more texture, then roughly pound the ingredients to create that aromatic infused flavour; otherwise, you can use the blender to create a smoother texture)

1 spanish onion 

3 cloves garlic

8 kaffir lime leaves

1 inch ginger

1 inch galangal

8 dried chillies

3 red chillies

Dried spices:

5 cloves

1 cinnamon stick

3 star anises

To cook:

Heat 2 tablespoon of cooking oil in a wok, fry the dried spices first then add the curry paste. Fry the spices until fragrant. Then add 1 kg of chuck beef (diced into big chunks), add water to almost cover the beef. Turn the heat down to simmer the beef until almost tender, then add diced potatoes, carrots and 1 can of tomato. Continue to simmer until beef is tender. Add salt and sugar to taste.

Yeap, it is that simple and the flavour is a bit sweet, spicy and very aromatic from all the different spices.

Enjoy this recipe and “Makan-Lah”.

6 responses to ““What’s Cooking” – Red Curry Beef

  1. Thanks for this, Victor – I’ll make it on the weekend and let you know how it goes. For sugar, should I use palm sugar or plain white sugar?

    As for MasterChef, I reckon it’s down to a tight race between Justine and Poh. I slightly favour Justine because she’s so focused. Though Poh, when she smiles that open-mouthed smile she does, reminds me of a cheeky five year old with a naughty secret – very endearing. Poor Julia – she was absolutely gutted last night.

    • Now it is up to Poh and Julie to fight against Chris. I think we will see Poh and Chris in the final round and as much as I hate to say this, I think it will be Chris taking out the big prize!

      As for Justine, she didn’t need to win the competition. She already won it with Matt Moran. She has shown that she is a great cook and she has the look.

      Hee hee, sorry I get so carried away with the MasterChef. Now to your question, use palm sugar. If not, brown sugar.

  2. Re palm sugar..how the heck to grate the stuff! It’s akin to having to scour the bathroom tiles…

  3. LOL Victor..you could be a dangerous man when armed 😉

  4. Extremely daring of Poh to create an interesting version of Congee with Century Egg/Sated Duck Egg balls. Quite an inventive version of a chinese porridge.

    Now it is up to Poh and Julie, and what a surprise for Julie. I am glad Chris is out. This will probably give Poh a better chance of wining the first Australian MasterChef.

    Go Poh-larcoaster! Tee Hee

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