About Finding Time to Blog

OMG! I missed my deadline on last week post. I have to admit blogging is taking part of my life since I started last month. That means more challenge in balancing my life to get things done. When I used to work in Sydney, I have to learn how to balance between my work and free time. Now it is balancing between my full time job, free time and blogging (and tweeting!).  This may sound like I am complaining and you are probably right. I am complaining of not having enough time. I enjoy sharing my personal view in food and travel and getting a sense of satisfaction when I have new comments and contributions from you. It is far more rewarding (non-monetary and intangible) than working full time.  

For you bloggers out there who spend lots of time blogging, posting topics and comments – how do you balance your time between blogging, a full time job (if you have one), family, friends, house and garden chores, and everyday life errands? Why do you do it? After all, bloggers are mostly virtual group of people. Is it the new “Pen Pal” of the twentieth century?

3 responses to “About Finding Time to Blog


    You’re always complaining lah.

    Tell me something I don’t know already..

  2. Victor, I think you might be right about blogging being the penpal of the 21st century. With penpals, the theory was/is that you had something in common with the person who became your penpal, whether it was just that you were both school students attending school in different countries, or if older, had some common shared thread. Either way, you needed to be a person who could commit to putting down news, thoughts and ideas on paper and actually communicate with someone who you hadn’t previously known, and probably wouldn’t ever get to meet in person.

    Re the time factor involved in blogging, yes, it IS a huge commitment of time, focus and concentration. I think (have observed) there are only a certain number of people who are able to maintain this focus.

    For myself, it is ideal as I am now of an age that I don’t have small children round to consume (sap) most of my time and energy. Also I am a person who has always had the ability and desire to express myself better on paper than when I’m trying to spit out what I mean/want to say in person. Combine those two and you create an ideal scenario for me personally.

    Also, having no partner helps with the time commitment. I know it is difficult for someone like, say, Steve, with an extremely full life already without the blogging, but somehow, deep inside the person, there is this huge desire to express what is within, so you simply just manage to find the time, or you might probably implode!

    Housework goes by the board for me if it’s a choice between blogging or housework, I’m happy to say!

    I would imagine for you it is made easier by the fact that your partner blogs as well.

    I suppose in a weird, perverse way, blogging could actually be called my partner!

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