“What’s Cooking” – 2 types Tofu and 2 types Mushroom



Last week I had my annual blood test to check my cholesterol and glucose level. The result is more promising since I was diagnosed with IGT (Impaired Glucose Tolerance) last year; that is, pre-diabetic state of dysglycemia. I was told to change my diet and eat less carbohydrate food product, such as rice! I cannot believe it! Less rice. How can I live with less rice? I mean, I grew up on rice. That is like telling the Italian not to eat pasta! So I slowly adjust and  cut down on rice intake, eat more fish (not dolphin or shark fin!), meat and vegetables.

This afternoon as I was driving from my office in Creek Road (borderline of Creek Road – I was told never to go past NCR – North Creek Road when I first arrived in Hobart) to another office site past NCR! I was scheduled to train a couple of Storemen on a new Inventory Management System. On the way, I decided to stop at Chinese Emporium to buy a packet of Fried Tofu Puff, Firm Tofu and Oyster Sauce. Next, I stopped at Woolworth to get some Mushrooms – Oyster Mushroom and Shiitake Mushroom, spring onion, fresh chili, garlic, ginger and coriander. You guess it. They are all my ingredients for tonight “health” conscious meal for two of us. Nope, I am not turning into a Vegan. A weekly diet of vegetarian dinner, fish dinner and meat dinner. No cream, no butter. Just lots of herbs and spices.

Tonight’s dinner was a wok stir fry 2 types tofu – firm tofu and fried tofu puff mixed with 2 types mushrooms – shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Fried in garlic, ginger and coriander roots and garnish with chopped spring onion, fresh red chili and dried shallots. The texture of firm tofu (not deep fried) was soft, balanced nicely with tofu puffs giving a nice spongy crunch oozed with the sauce. Both mushrooms are soft and mild flavoured giving the dish a good balance of Yin-Yang energy.


1 packet of Fried Tofu Puff

1 packet of Firm Tofu

1 packet of Shiitake Mushroom

1 packet of Oyster Mushroom

2 spring onions

A small bunch of coriander

1 fresh red chilli

1 thumb size ginger

3 cloves garlic

3 tablespoon oyster sauce

1 tablespoon light soy sauce

1 teaspoon sesame oil


1. Cut tofu into small cubes. Set aside.

2. Chopped coriander roots, garlic, ginger. Set aside.

3. Chopped spring onion. Set aside.

4. Sliced chili diagonally. Set aside.

5. Cut mushrooms. Discard the hard stalk. Set aside.



1. Heat some oil in a work. When hot, tossed garlic, ginger and coriander roots. Stir fry until fragrant.

2. Add mushrooms and fried tofu puff. Stir fry a few minutes. Add some water if it is too dry.

3. Add oyster sauce, soy sauce and continue to stir fry until mushrooms and tofu puff are almost soft.

5. Add firm tofu and gently stir fry a few minutes.

6. Garnish with coriander leaves, spring onion, chili and dried shallots.

Serve either with rice or noodle.

“Makan Lah”


12 responses to ““What’s Cooking” – 2 types Tofu and 2 types Mushroom

  1. Aaah, I love fried tofu puffs. But you are right – how can you give up rice? It is essential! Do you also have to cut out noodles (like rice noodles and yellow mee)?

    When we first moved I didn’t know where to buy my big bags of rice, and I wanted rice for dinner so I bought a 1kg bag from Coles, and they are so small! To think, some people buy that much rice and it lasts them months!

    This tofu and mushroom dish looks delicious.

    • Thanks, Steph.

      Yes, I was told to cut down on noodles as well and white bread. But everything in moderation is fine.

      LOL! I buy a 10kg Jasmine rice from Asian supermarket. It used to last only 1 month! Now, it last almost 3-4 months. That is how much I have cut down. 🙂

  2. Victor, have just spotted your wonderful recipe. I already have dinner organised for tonight, but can’t resist.

    Mind you, I should be patient and make it another night. But I can’t, and so what I have done as an apperitif (nibblies)..the fried tofu puff and then your sauce mix, blend heat and then cool as a dipping sauce. It’s obviously missing a few things and especially the mushroom, but yum nonetheless.

    • Hey Min – interesting concept. I’ve not combine the sauce mix as a dipping sauce. There is always a first. But, I would probably mix and pound all the ingredients and mix in the sauces into a paste.

  3. What about replacing normal rice with brown, therefore more fibre. Something doesn’t sound quite right to me..I would be double checking with a dietician.

  4. Victor what about a combo that you make yourself. One thing that I love is wild rice, can be expensive though.

  5. Thank you Sydney Q..I was thinking of Victor’s health here. I have now learned something new..Asians loathe and detest brown rice. Have made a mental note to this effect.

  6. I love your blog and will keep on reading

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