“Feature Posts” Penang and Laos – coming soon in October!

IMG_0925Fishing Village – Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia

I will be visiting Penang in the next two weeks, taking me through flights from Hobart to Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur and then Georgetown, Penang. I will spend 4 nights visiting my mum and family, and naturally being a food lover will feast myself with all the “hawker” food that I missed most.

At the end of my trip to Penang, I will fly to Vientiane for 3 nights and Luang Prabang for 4 nights in Laos. It will be my first trip to Laos and I am already looking forward to the place; in particular, Luang Prabang – an ancient kingdom world heritage listed by UNESCO.

By the way, last year Georgetown is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO for her pre-war buildings and many historical sites.

I will be taking you on my personal journey starting October 9th. Look forward to your visits.

10 responses to ““Feature Posts” Penang and Laos – coming soon in October!

  1. Oh Victor, I am so jealous! I love Penang and am off there again myself next year, so will be very interested to read your eating recommendations. Have a great holiday.

  2. Have fun Victor! I will think of you with great jealousy, will you be there for Moon Festival?

    • Unfortunately I will miss it, Steph. The mooncake festival is on 3 Oct. I arrive in Penang on 10 Oct. I know Sydney Chinatown always celebrate mooncake festival with most Asian supermarket selling different variety of mooncakes. Umm…but, I am not into mooncake, esp the duck egg ones so not going to miss much of the fanfare. How about yourself?

  3. Hi, we just returned from Penang on the 27th and had a great time.
    We also are thinking about retiring there! Fo me I think I would like to retire under Malaysia’s MM2H scheme.
    But, as that project is not for the very near future we now just try to visit as much as possible. In fact, we hope to fly back in January for another short stay. I the meantime now In the following days, I’ll write many posts on my blog regarding our foodie discoveries from last week.
    So, Victor, enjoy your home island, and go for some heavenly popiah at Padang Brown food court (afternoon)!
    It’s the best on the island but that’s my personal appreciation.
    And thanks again for the tailor tip!

    • I will have to check your new posts on recent Penang trip, JP.
      Thanks – I think I know which Popiah stall you are talking about. There are just so many places to eat. I wonder how I am going to fit them all in 4 days!

  4. i love penang! i lived there for 4 years when i was in high school. it is the most beautiful place i have ever been to… the people, the food, the sights…
    and, i am, after 6 long years, finally going back this summer to visit!

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