It is all happening in Cygnet, Tasmania!

Yes, it is that time again – the annual Cygnet Folk Festival, from 8 Jan to 10 Jan 2010. The weather is purr-fect today. Light breeze, sunny blue sky. Beautiful.

I told my partner that I want to go to the festival today. Probably late morning after having a light breakfast of toast and eggs at home, a cup of tea and reading the newspaper. Great start to a Saturday morning. No rush, no pressure, no commitment.

The last time we went to the festival was four years ago. The weather at the festival in the past was a bit unpleasant. But, today’s weather is absolutely beautiful. A great day to go out and enjoy the sunshine and some fun.

Cygnet is only 8 minutes drive from home. To get there, we had to drive up a hill and then down to the other side of the valley. I had an earlier post on Cygnet. It is a quaint little country town with a lively bohemian lifestyle. It seems a popular place for mainlanders looking for a seachange. It has a small port and surrounded by hills and greenery. Last Thursday, the SBS network started a new program – Gourmet Farmer. The program traces the movement of a prominent Sydney food critic, Matthew Evans, who has recently moved from Sydney to Cygnet to get his hands dirty at farming. Now that is a real lifestyle change!

We reached Cygnet and decided to park the car a short distance from the main street. It was getting busy. We walked to the main stage of a small park – the Loongana park. There were several stalls selling mostly eco friendly and organic stuffs, bohemian clothing, and a few food stalls, and a locally produced Ginger Chili Beer – which I had to try. It was good, not too sweet. I could not taste the chili that much. But, as the stall owner promised. Once the drink warms up towards the end, I will get that bit of spiciness. And, that is a unique ginger beer taste to the end. Love it.

The folk festival attracted many musicians across the state, mainland and international. There were street performances, a few stage performances dotted around the little town on parks and public spaces and concert performances in the town hall. We were happy just to take our time and stroll along the streets, sat and watched at a few performances in public spaces. There were a few street food stalls. The two main restaurants, Red Velvet Lounge and The Lotus Eater’s Cafe, prepared some simple but yet effective good food for takeaway. Both places were very busy with customers. This was probably the busiest time of Cygnet, which generally is a quiet sleepy town. Thumbs up! If you are looking for a place to go – tomorrow is the last day. It is a must as the weather forecast another beautiful gorgeous day for tomorrow. Do not forget to wear a hat and put on some sunscreen. Take in the sight and sound of Cygnet folk music, the beauty of the township and surrounding hills.

I went there for the sound and music of the festival. My favourite was Havana Palava.

You can watch Havana Palava on YouTube here and here.

Next, was the country folk music with a make-up front porch of a typical country house and fake rusted corrugated iron roof. It was visually effective and imaginative of the creator of this stage.

Watch HUG (Hobart Ukulele Group) and CHUM (Channel & Huon Ukulele Mob) on YouTube.

I could not resist taking a photo of these cute Alpacca. They have the most gorgeous eyes and longest eyelashes I have ever seen. They are sooooo cute.

5 responses to “It is all happening in Cygnet, Tasmania!

  1. Wish I was there with you V. Cute as Alpies. Can’t seem to find the Chilli Ginger Beer guy on the web…want his product in the caf…does anyone know how to contact him?

  2. Thank you for taking this. Great message on your site. I was studying your message and I have bookmark your blog already.

  3. from ile de ré,i need you so mutch,next folk festival,kiss gavin for me and see you next time cygnet tassie forever!!!!!!!!!!!!france , the free

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