“Weekend Foodtrail” – Red Velvet Lounge and Cygnet Folk Festival

It was Sunday. The weather was Purr-fect again. Got up this morning about 8am. Spent the morning doing house chores, some pruning and watering the gardens and laundry. Had all the windows and doors opened. Listened to different birds chirping away. Nice cool sea breeze. Sat in a room with french doors opened to the back patio with wisteria trailing the pergola.

Mind you. We have a residential European Finch that comes back each Spring/Summer to nest above the wisteria. Each time, my partner walks underneath the pergola, he peeps quietly at the nest and look at “Mrs Finch” resting her little head and beak over the front edge of her nest, looking towards our front door. In the past couple of years, she failed to hatch her eggs and abandoned them. This year, so far, she has been vigilantly sitting on her nest day after day. Let’s hope she will hatch her eggs this time.

How did I manage to digress so far from what I wanted to write on this post? I had no idea. Sorry.

We had no plan to go to Cygnet today. But, as the day progresses and the weather warms up, all we were doing was sitting in front of our separate laptops, checking our blogs. Pathetic, right? It was 2pm. I was getting bored and wanted to do something. We decided to drive to Cygnet for the folk festival and have a late lunch at the Red Velvet Lounge.

We stopped for a brief moment at the Front Porch mini stage and listened to a couple of local folk music before heading to Red Velvet Lounge for a meal.

Listened to this band. But, forgot to check the name. While listening to the music, I saw this woman with her small guitar strumming softly in harmony with the band. How cute. Anything was possible at this festival. All street performances were free. Great to see spectators were engaged with the musicians.

Next we walked to the Red Velvet Lounge. It was busy. We managed to get a table. We love the place. One of our favourite local restaurant. The chef and owner of the restaurant, Steven Cumper, who is also a friend is a well known chef and has a good following of loyal customers. His food has been reviewed by several food critics and bloggers alike. He has appeared on a few TV food programs and featured in magazines. We went there to eat. Not to review Steve’s food, but to enjoy his food, hospitality, and warm and friendly service of his staff. Red Velvet Lounge is a destination by itself. People drive there to eat, from as far as Hobart. It is a great place for a nice Sunday afternoon lunch.

Love the Welcome sign on the bright red wall.

Red Velvet Lounge is housed in an old 1912 building.

Owner and Chef Steven Cumper.

Restaurant buzzing with happy customers.

Red Velvet Lounge is a relax, eclectic dining place with bright colours, metal pressed ceiling, bohemian style lamp shades, ceiling fans and a wrought iron chandelier. It is open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week, and dinner on Friday and Saturday night.

We had a potato gnocchi with Huon valley mushrooms and a corned beef hash with soft poached eggs. Steve gave us a couple of complimentary plates – a fresh rocket salad with olives, radish, tomatoes, red onions in a beautiful vinaigrette dressing and a slice of vegetarian pizza freshly made. We had a great time at the Lounge and a nice chat with Steve. A local snippet.

Potato Gnocchi with Huon Valley Mushrooms

Corned Beef with Soft Poached Eggs

Salad with olives

Vegetarian Pizza Slice

After a nice big meal, we were ready for some more music. We walked across the road towards Loongana Park. We were lucky. We were just in time to catch the last street performance by the loud Havana Palava band – once again!


4 responses to ““Weekend Foodtrail” – Red Velvet Lounge and Cygnet Folk Festival

  1. It was great to see you too Victor, glad you had a good time at the festival!

  2. Lunch looked fantastic- particularly the corned beef hash -need to get to RVL for lunch sometime soon. Cygnet was crazy on Saturday- we drove through but couldn’t really stop- we had a trailer with our new 4m gate on the back- would’ve made parking a nightmare! Thanks for the tip about Woodstock we picked up some cherries on our way through- delicious!

  3. Hi Victor – I see you are enjoying the summer in the land down under. The the food at the Red Velvet Lounge looks delicious. Havana Palava is out of this world. I never seen or heard anything like it before.

  4. Steve – we can’t have enough of RVL, that we are seeing you again! This time with Helen from Rita’s Bite. See ya on Sat 23rd.

    Hazel – we avoided the crowd and parked our car on Golden Valley Road. That is a huge gate! Is it for your driveway or paddock? Maybe you can post a Twitpic or on your blog.

    Dallas – LOL! They are quite a band! From Melbourne. Interesting mix of musicians – from little girl to granny!

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