“What’s Cooking” in Victor’s Kitchen

I have something to share with you. I don’t want to hear any excuses. I want you to go to your kitchen and cook this recipe – Fish Curry. It is simple and taste delicious. Spicy, sourish and really yummy. It takes only 20 minutes to cook because fish cooks very quickly. A very simple reason why I cooked fish tonight. My dearest neighbour, Helen, dropped in yesterday afternoon. Brought some fresh shark’s meat Β – flakes in nice filleted chunky pieces. So fresh. Just caught by her husband, Ted and another neighbour, Sam that he goes fishing at 3am each morning! I said once to him that I would love to come along. But, imagine waking up at 2:30am in the freezing cold Tasmania weather! No, thanks.

Anyway, she brought this beautiful fish meat. I could not resist but make my fish curry. It needs a firm fish and flake does a good job in curry. I will say it again. It is simple so I expect you to try it. Even if you are an average cook. So take out that pan of yours, go and buy yourself a nice white firm fish and try out this recipe.

I had my fish curry accompanied with 2 pieces of Ayam Goreng, and turmeric coconut rice. If you are interested in my Ayam Goreng recipe, click here. And, turmeric coconut rice – sorry, it was cooked by my partner. He never share his recipes with me! 😦

Now, tell me. At home, who usually does the cooking. You or your significant other? Or do you usually cook together? My partner never likes me near the kitchen when he cooks. And, guess what? When I cook, it is perfectly fine for him to walk around the kitchen. Also, I have to wash up! Yes, I am the living and breathing home “dish washer”. I will stack my dishes to the top. That I am the only one that knows which piece to remove first. I will say to him to not touch my dishes! Because they are stack up so delicately that they need to be removed from the last piece that was placed last.

Oh, I don’t have a dishwasher. Never had one in my life.

This photo is from tonight’s washing – result of cooking 2 dishes. Imagine how my dishes will stack up if I had to wash after making 3 or more dishes! Do you have a dishwasher at home? Do you use it?

Sorry, I digress so much. You must be dying to know my secret recipe. Well, not far to go. I like to keep you in a bit of suspense for a few more minutes. Maybe because I just had a glass of wine. I am no good in drinking. My partner and friends call me a bloody cheap date! But, also because I have been working so hard today.

I have been in the garage for 4 hours, sorting out the garage. Oh, my partner helped as well. And, we only managed to clear and sort half of our stuffs in there! It is a double door garage. I have stuffs from the restaurant that I sold 2 years ago, and a household full of stuffs from a self contained cottage when we moved to Tasmania. Six years now. They are still in there! Do you ever clean up your garage? I guess we have to do that at some point in time. And, hope to make some money out of the rubbish which to others are treasures. By the way, if you are local and looking for good cafe tables and chairs, let me know.

Rita! Rita! If you are reading this post, would you please put in your brief announcement section for sale in good condition – quality cafe wooden chairs and tables with adjustable feet. Thanks.

Alright! Alright! I know. I am about to loose you and your interest in this post. Sorry. Okay, make a guess what goes into making my homemade spice paste. Look at the picture below. Make a guess before you continue reading.

Spice paste’s ingredient:

1 red onion

1 thumb size ginger

4 cloves garlic

10 dried chilies

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

Blend the above ingredients until smooth.

So, did you get it right? It is that simple.

Next, how do you cook the fish? Again, it is very, very simple. And doesn’t take much time. So no excuse not to try it.

To cook the fish curry, first stir fry the spice ingredients in some hot oil in the saucepan until fragrant. Add a cup of turmeric juice and 2 teaspoons sugar. Toss in some curry leaves. Simmer. Then toss in fish fillets and some tomatoes. Simmer in gentle heat until fish is cooked.

If you are game enough, why not cook Ayam Goreng on the other stove?

If I may say, they both looks so so good. And, so so delicious! Well, I could not wait any longer. So I had to eat and taste those 2 dishes first. My partner was busy downloading CDs to his iPOD. I was not going to wait for him. So I plated the dishes with a small serve of leftover turmeric coconut rice.

A closer look. Can you taste them? Well, I can. Slurp. Slurp. They are very delicious. Definitely restaurant quality. My partner said, “Umm…very good! I will pay to eat these at a restaurant!” LOL! Thanks, mate!

Kitchen Talk

By the way, what did you do over the weekend? Anything interesting? How about sharing with me?

For me – not a whole lot yesterday. Just watched DVDs. One of them was so so bad – “Anti Christ” with William Dafoe. I could not believed a couple of scenes which probably should be an X-rated scenes. But, scary enough for me. The other DVD – “Van Diemen’s Land”. I didn’t like the second one that much, but based on a true convict story. Had a fabulous dinner cooked by my partner – turmeric coconut rice with Butter Chicken Curry and Shredded Spicy Beef.

Today, we were busy sorting our garage! That was really hard work. But, we have procrastinated for 6 years! Long enough. Fortunately tomorrow is a public holiday.

Of course, I was online every now and then checking on blogs, twitter and local news.

Would you call this an eventful weekend? Probably not.

Oh, I did removed the “For Sale” sign off our property. Not sure about selling the place anymore. Not unless someone offer a price so good that we cannot resist. May stay here for a couple more years. Look what a beautiful weather with sunny blue sky can do to a person’s mood.


I need to wash the remaining dishes my partner just left behind.


15 responses to ““What’s Cooking” in Victor’s Kitchen

  1. Hi Victor, first of all, what a neat and clean kitchen! In answer to your first question, I’m afraid I’m very much like your partner, that is, when I’m cooking, my hub’s not allowed to come in. He’s not allowed to cook either because he’s too messy and I’m the one who always and unfailingly ends up cleaning his mess so no thank you! πŸ˜€

    I can’t do without a dishwasher because I’m also the dishwasher in the family and I can’t do everything. Also, in winter, my hands can crack up pretty bad from the combination of hot water, washing liquid and wringing the dishcloth, so a dishwasher is a godsend as well as my faithful washing machine.

    I’ll certainly try out your ayam goreng which looks delicious! Sounds like you’ve had a busy weekend cleaning out your garage. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

    • Emily – I cannot imagine any partner worse than mine! He cooks well but he is an extremely messy cook! LOL! He will leave big mess around the stoves, on kitchen bench, even on the floor. But, the bonus – his food is very good esp spicy pasta.

      Last trip when I went back to Penang, I actually did my own washing at mum’s place. Just like when I was a kid. Sat on a small bright red plastic stool with “kar kiak” on both feet. Had a bucket previously soaked with dirty clothes, another bucket of clean water. Use both hands to scrub the clothe and rinsed a few times. My cheeky niece took a photo of me doing the chinese laundry! LOL!

  2. Curry fish? sound good to me since I am cutting down on meat.

  3. Victor – I’ll give it a try and will let you know. To answer your question, yes I do own a dishwasher but only been used once. hahhahahahha It was a test run and that was it!! I don’t really know why I haven’t even try to use it, the manual recommend to do at least one wash per month.

  4. Victor
    The all dishes looks really yummy. I would like to have a taste test but making it would be another story. I burnt water ! as for the dishwasher I have but never been use.

    • Hey Salalao – thanks. Good to hear from you again. I have been checking your blog but no update since Dec. Hope you are okay and well.
      LOL! Interesting, that most people will not use the dishwasher. Guess comes in handy when there is a big party and lots of dishes to wash.

      • Victor,
        I have been traveling just got back home last week and came the big snow storm hit the northeast haven’t got out for last next week. I just dug myself out today hoping to do some grocery shopping only thing left in my frig is half/half. I’ll update blog soon:)

  5. Looks yummy and will try.
    About the dish washer: I had them and used them all the time for decades. Alas, no longer now as HK flats are known for theirshoebox sizes. The day we move to Png, the stuff already is on my have-to-buy list.
    Btw, buy a Miele! (And no, am not a shareholder butit’s the best. Period.

    • LOL! Jay-P. When are you and your wife moving to Penang? And, where?
      Miele is one of my favourite brand as well. I’ve never own a dishwasher. Can’t see the need esp with only 2 of us. Easy just to wash up after meal.

  6. Moving to Png? I’m afraid that will not be before around 2020 and if my better Penangite half accepts retiring also
    About the dishwasher: even when I was a bachelor I already was very much using it. Unlike a maid it doesn’t break all your china! (Joke… partly).

  7. After browsing your website and some more in details at http://www.worldhealthyfoods.com/herbs-and-natural-supplements/turmeric .
    I’m ready to go to the market to buy some turmeric and put them in eggs, soup or rice.
    thank you so much for the great info.

  8. hi do you still have the tables and chairs? im interested if you do. Where in Tassie are you and how many and how much??
    thanks, kate

    • Hi Kate – yes, I still have my restaurant’s tables and chairs. I will send you a private message. Cheers, Victor

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