Food at Canton-I

When it comes to food in Penang, there are many choices to choose to suit the budget of everyone. Canton-I is an authentic Hong Kong up-market street food with great ambience in middle price range. It is located on ground floor of Queensbay Mall in Penang. My partner and I were there for a late lunch about 3 pm after shopping at the mall. The place was still busy with customers.

We were planning to have a bowl or plate of noodle dish each. But ended ordering five dishes – a plain dry noodle, a dry pork noodle, Sui Kow in soup, fried turnip cake and roast BBQ pork. And, a pot of Pu-Erh chinese tea. The bill came to MYR$85.20 including 10% service and 5% government tax. We didn’t mind the slightly higher price. The food was good and place was clean. It was a nice afternoon treat.

I intentionally ordered a plain dry noodle dish to accompany with roast BBQ pork and Sui Kow (prawn dumplings). The noodle was smooth and silky with a nice coating of salty mixed soy sauce. The freshly blanched choy sum was tender and yet had a nice soft crunch at the stem.

The roasted BBQ pork or “Char Siew” was perfect. It was a nice thick, juicy cut. Nicely glazed and had a beautiful roasted flavour. This was Hong Kong style. My partner commented this had to be the best Char Siew he had for a long time. Probably because we don’t get any good Char Siew in Hobart!

I love the “Siew Kow” with fresh, juicy prawns wrapped in silky smooth dumpling skin. The dumplings were generous in size.

The pork dry noodle dish was equally delicious.

We could not resist the fried turnip cake. The Hong Kong version is different from Penang street “Char Koay Kak” fried turnip cake. This version was lighter with small dried shrimps. Less oily and more subtle in taste. It was nice to keep picking away each of the small diced cake.

There are 3 different sections in the seating area. The front area has hanging bird cages, middle section is lined with motives white panels over a red wall, and a third section furthest away has larger tables. At the front of the restaurant is fully glassed with mouth watering roasted meats – duck, crispy skin pork, BBQ pork, chicken. Hidden at the back part of the restaurant is a big bar section serving drinks – non alcoholic – range of good Chinese teas, coffee, and other Asian specialty drinks.

The enclosed glass roast meat kitchen section.

The front seating area with chinese hanging bird cages.

The middle bar area of making chinese tea and other drinks.

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  1. How is it that you are so slim V?

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