What’s Happening Today?

It is day 4 of our stay in Penang – 23 Feb 2010. There was no plan except my partner has an appointment with our tailor in the afternoon. And, the hotel has issued a warning to all guests that there is a fire drill at 10:30 am. We know that we want to get out of the hotel before 10 am. We got ready and had breakfast at the Executive Lounge – exclusive to guests staying at the executive floor only. It is a small and intimate place. The staff are friendly and service is good, especially the lounge supervisor, Sam. He is quite a charmer.

After breakfast, we left the hotel. Walked a short distance to catch a bus into the city. The fare costs MYR$2 only. We got off at Penang Road, and walked towards Campbell Street in search of a fabric shop. My partner was persistent to find some wool and cashmere fabrics to make suits. We asked around. We were told the only shop that sell good quality wool has shut a few years ago. Wool fabric is very hard to sell in Penang. The weather is too hot. But, we did find a fabric shop that has 2 adjoining shops with 3 floors of fabrics lining the entire floors and staircases, with less than a foot aisle to walk between rows of fabrics. It is an incredible find – probably in the hundreds or even close to a thousand of different fabrics – linen, cotton, rayon, silk, polyester, mixed materials, everything except 100% wool for suits! The shop – Boon Wah has been around for decades.

We got a bit carried away in this shop. I ended with 6 fabrics – 1 linen, 1 rayon and 4 cotton fabrics for making into long sleeves shirt. They have fine floral prints. A couple have embroidery fine floral prints. All for MYR 437.50 or the equivalent of AUD$145.

I was pleased with my fabric purchase. I had no intention of buying fabric when I left the hotel this morning. Guess I am a bit of an impulsive shopper. We then walked along Penang Road towards Macalister Road, where our tailor shop is located.

A couple of Penang Road scenes.

It was a very hot day – the hottest since we arrived in Penang. Probably in mid thirties degree Celsius. I told my partner we should stop at a coffee shop for some refreshment drinks. We stopped at “Kek Seng”. This coffee shop has been around for as long as I can remember when I was a young boy. I ordered some drinks for us, and a bowl of Penang Assam Laksa. This laksa is unique to Penang – it is sourish, salty, spicy and tangy – a combination of flavour that is seductive and addictive at the same time.

After a hot and steamy laksa, I was ready to continue our walk to the tailor shop – OG Tailor at Macalister Road. It is located on ground floor of Wisma Central, next to New Lane. The shop is a husband and wife team. The husband’s name is Edmund. I called his wife, Mrs Boss! They have been running this business for over 2 decades, and still in the same little shop. We get our shirts and suits made by them almost every year for the past 6 years. We also bring our clothes for them to alter. Their work is of the highest standard and quality that we can ever asked for. Tailored to a perfect fit. And, the price is reasonable.

At OG Tailor, my partner chose a few other fabrics – good quality wool and linen for making suits and pants. We were there for over an hour. It was crazy and fun.

We went back to the hotel. We were both very please with ourself. Imagine our face – the happy and accomplished look.

Back at the hotel, we went to the Executive Floor again. This time for the complimentary Happy Hour and some food.

I am really spoiled at the Eastin Hotel. Breakfast and Happy Hour at the Executive Lounge. Room rate is reasonable priced for the location. And, service is impeccable so far. We still have 5 days at the hotel. The location is less than 5 minutes walk to the largest shopping mall in Penang, Queensbay Mall.

We were wondering what to do next. Time – 7 pm. I am a bit full from the little snacks, Tiger beer and Peppermint tea. I suggested we walked across the road to the mall before dinner.

The Chinese New Year decoration at the main atrium of the mall.

An hour later we were ready for dinner. We went to a Hindu-Muslim restaurant (open air) which opens 24 hours round the clock. It is across the mall. We were told that the place is famous for its Claypot Briyani Chicken and Tandoori Chicken. We ordered the Briyani Chicken, Dahl Palat, Mutton Curry and a Tandoori leg.

Now, wait till you hear this. It is the best deal in Queensbay area. The Briyani Chicken and Tandoori were absolutely divine. The Briyani costs only MYR$7 or less than AUD$2! My partner said we will eat at this place when we live in this area. They have many choices – briyani, tandoori, naan, roti, dosai, mee goreng, and many more.

The kitchen. Not flash or big. It is an open air restaurant with a huge wall screening movies when we were there. And, a free Wifi. Opens 24 hours!

10 responses to “What’s Happening Today?

  1. Victor – Oh! You’re back in Penang again? Weren’t you were there just a month or so ago? Wow!!! all those foods look so yummy. Enjoy your vacation!!

  2. Gorgeous post again V. I love that dragon fruit…got hooked on it in Vietnam. x

    • C – me too. And, one of the restaurant manager gave me a complimentary fruit basket when he saw me checked in. In the basket was one big dragon fruit.

  3. Hi Victor – I like the hat πŸ˜‰

    • Hee hee..Cheers! It was too hot and I could not resist the street vendor yelling out ten ringgit (MYR$10) for the straw hat. That is AUD$3.

  4. Hi Victor,
    Thanks for the nice posts and the tip about OG Tailor’s. My husband is getting two shirts made and a dress for myself. The prices are reasonable and can’t wait to pick them up in a few days. Nice photos of the food also.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting and reading. I am glad you find Edmund a good tailor. Don’t forget the “Kopitiam” (coffee shop) next door with all the famous Penang hawker food. Only in the evening through late night. Cheers, Victor

  5. Hi Victor,

    I was researching tailors in Penang and came across your site. Would you be able to say how much getting a shirt made at OG and the fabric cost (either back when this was written or more recently, if you’ve done it since) please?

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