Breakfast This Morning

Penang and the rest of Malaysia are going through an extremely bad dry and hot season. It is very, very hot for the past couple of days and today. To make matter worse, the air-condition in our room was not working since last night. This morning the management gave us a spare room on a different floor while the engineers were working on the AC system on our floor.

This morning about 7:30 am I decided to go for a walk, rather than my daily morning swim at the hotel pool. It was mild outside. I walked to a local “kopitiam” (coffee shop) in search of Char Koay Teow (CKT) stall. The one that my friend took me on my last December trip. She and her family came back to Penang for two weeks visit. She was my client at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney. I have worked with her for four and a bit years. That is how I came to know about the CKT stall and kopitiam. It is not far from the hotel – five minutes walk.

Most Kopitiams have a few stalls at the front of the shop, and many more along the street outside the shop.

I went early to avoid the heat and crowd. It was nice and relax. I had a small plate of CKT for MYR$3, or the equivalent of AUD$1.

After the CKT, I had to try a piece of “Ban Chang Kueh” – Penang hawker style pancake with fillings of brown sugar, peanuts and sweet corns. This is one of Penang local favourite snack. But, I think it is getting less popular because of the high sugar content. I have not had this pancake for many years. So, I had to try one to relive my memory, remember the flavour and texture of the pancake snack.

The “Ban Chang Kueh” stall.

7 responses to “Breakfast This Morning

  1. Wow, what a great breakfast. Makes my toast seem very dull. I hope you guys are having lots of fun!

  2. Yum yum, 2 of my favourites, I think if I’ve to continue reading your Penang blog, I’ve to start booking a ticket back home! 😀

  3. Hi Victor – that “Ban Chang Kueh” almost sound like Vietnamese. Especially the word “Ban Chang” but we spells it “Banh Trang”. It is the name for the spring roll wrapper.

  4. So exotic Victor. Stephen & I will have to visit Penang in the near future.

  5. Maggie – I am certainly loving every bit of my time back in Penang. And, meeting new people. I think “Trash” is also enjoying himself – with lots of shopping! Btw I eat toast every morning when I am at home in Tassie.

    Emily – I am glad I have succeeded in tempting you to come back to Penang. Probably soon.

    Dallas – this is interesting. Since I have started blogging with you, See and Salalao – I am discovering that we all share similar Chinese background even we are a couple of generations from different country.

    Mary – Penang is a wonderful place if visitors are prepared to take the heat and humidity, like any other part in Asia. It is a cultural delight and great experience for most visitors.

  6. My picture framing workshop is located on this street Jalan Pantai Jerjak 13. Yeah, there are many hawkers along the street. Have you try the Mamak mee goreng there? It is very famous in that area.

    I think you were walking from Eastin Hotel to here, right? Great to know that you were enjoying the hawker foods.

    • Hi TK – glad to hear from a fellow Khoo. I will certainly try the Mamak mee goreng on my next trip in Nov. I am already counting down and can’t wait to be back in Penang again!

      I had a look at your Artbug website. Great products and services you and your partner are providing in Penang. May pop by your workshop when having the Mamak mee goreng.


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