Food at The Forum

My partner offered to treat my family a dinner at a Chinese restaurant tonight – The Forum Chinese Cuisine. Located at 3rd Floor, Island Plaza in Tanjong Tokong, Penang.

We ordered a Peking Duck, Salt and Pepper King Prawn, Seafood Treasure Claypot, Mince Meat Beancurd, Deep Fried Red Snapper with Ginger sauce and Anchovies Fried Rice. The bill came to MYR$319 or the equivalent of AUD$106, included two large Tiger beer and a pot of chinese tea.

Peking Duck. MYR$70 for two courses. First course was served wrapped in egg pancake with julienne spring onions spread with Hoi Sin sauce. The duck was skillfully carved with skin and a bit of very thin layer of flesh. There was twenty pancakes.

The second course was a stir fry duck meat with celery and carrots.

Salt and Pepper King Prawn for MYR$40. Very crunchy, tasty, salty and slightly spicy. Very good. I ate the entire prawn including the well crisped soft shell.

Deep fried snapper in ginger sauce for MYR$55. Garnished with deep fried finely sliced julienne ginger and lots of coriander leaves.

Fried tofu served with minced pork and dried shrimps sauce for MYR$12.

Seafood treasure claypot for MYR$40 – slowly braised with abalone, dried mussels, sea cucumber, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, bok choy.

And, the anchovies fried rice for MYR$12.

I was so full after dinner. My sister dropped us back at the Eastin Hotel. My partner went back to our room. I went to the Executive Lounge for a pot of Chamomile tea.

5 responses to “Food at The Forum

  1. Victor – Wow!!!! All those foods and the bill is under US$100. What a treat..

  2. Victor – I am SO in awe of you and your food and travel adventures. I think an ideal job for you would be to follow in Maeve O’Meara’s footsteps and establish a travelling food business, whereby you organise trips to that region of the world which you know so well, then accompany a group of people there, guiding them in your good-humoured, knowledgeable and efficient way to the best restaurants (which might be that fabulously cheap one you talked about yesterday), sightseeing and shopping venues. The stay at Eastin sounds wonderful and if I ever happened to go there, that is definitely the hotel for me (but only in Executive style!!).

  3. Rita, I second the motion. Brilliant idea.
    Victor take note, a new career awaits.

    Excellent writing. Enjoy.

  4. Count me in too! Particularly if the first trip goes to Penang! I’m going there later this year and am collecting your comments from this and previous trips so that I can eat well during my visit.

  5. See – it is probably only USD$80 and that is for 7 people. That means per person is slightly more than USD$10. And, that is a restaurant quality food. Only in Penang.

    Rita – yes, that is my dream. I need to get my head around it, start planning and developing a business plan.

    John – thanks for your support.

    Rita II – thanks. If and when you do plan to go to Penang – email me at I will be happy to provide further information and details to any of my previous posts of interest to you.

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