Food at Azuma

We had nothing plan today. No appointment. Nothing. But, we were both sweating at the Executive Lounge while waiting for the hotel engineers to fix their air condition system. We had a courtesy room at a different floor to chill out. My partner went to the new room. I went to the mall across the hotel to develop some photos taken with my family last night.

When I got back to the room, there was a note on the bed, “Darling, I have gone to Gurney Plaza. Courtesy Room key on the table”. Our room was still very warm. The air condition was not working. I took the other room key and went to the room to chill out. A couple of hours later – 2:30 pm, my stomach was rumbling for some food. I went to the mall again in search of something to eat.

I went to Level 3 food court – Queens Food Market. The first time we saw the sign, we both laughed. What an appropriate name, market for the Queens!

It is a fairly new food court. A few stalls have been opened. I hope to see more stalls in the future. I have already tried 3 other stalls previously, They were all good. This time, I tried a different stall – Spices of Penang.

This stall sells a few variations of fried rice and noodles. I heard they are all good. I tried the Mee Goreng.

That was my afternoon snack. After that, I went back to the hotel. I was glad our room’s air condition was finally working. I was in the room for a couple of hours before my partner got back. He looked happy with his shopping – a pair of new shoes and some DVDs.

We got ready for Happy Hour at the Executive Lounge. I was still full from my afternoon “Mee Goreng” snack. I had a glass of red wine and a tiny delight of “Loh Bak slices” and a samosa.

My partner asked, “where should we go for dinner”.

I told him, “I am not very hungry,”

“I am still full from my Mee Goreng”.

He replied, “how about Japanese?”

I said, “what an excellent idea!

there is Sakae Suki…

…looks busy and popular

…at the mall”

We finished the rest of our drinks. And, made our way to the mall.

In front of Sakae Sushi was a menu at the stand. My partner went through the menu and decided we should try the other Japanese restaurant in the mall. Azuma.

This was the first time we had Japanese food in Penang. There are many Japanese restaurants in Penang and they are popular with the locals and Japanese expatriates. There is a small community of Japanese residents who have established Penang as their second home under MM2H (My Malaysia Second Home).

We sat at a booth next to the window overlooking the bay, Penang bridge and Jerejak island. The view is not too bad, except for the open car park.

My partner took charge of ordering from the Ala Carte menu. He was not supposed to order too much. You be the judge. The total bill came to MYR$113.35, about AUD$35.

Maguro Sashimi. Since this was the first time we have eaten at a Japanese restaurant in Penang, it was hard to compare to the other restaurants. But, we both thought the sashimi was good. Maybe not as fresh as what we can get in Hobart.

Age Dashi Dofu. This dish was alright for both of us. The spongey battered layer over the tofu seems a bit gluey. The silken white tofu was nice. The flavour was a bit unusual for me. I supposed this dish is an acquired taste.

Yaki Gyuza.  The dumplings were nicely browned and crisp on the outside. The stuffings were tasty with a subtle flavour.

Chicken Teriyaki. I love this teriyaki dish. Very tasty on the salty side. The chicken were tender and moist. A beautiful dish.

Tatami Iwashi. This was a bit different for me. Little anchovies meshed paper thin. Crunchy with a slight toasty grilled flavour. Interesting and not bad.

Ebi Tempura. Nice, crispy and crunchy. Very nicely done. Love it.

Nestle ice cream – complimentary from the kitchen.

Green tea ice cream – complimentary from the kitchen.

Both ice creams were divine. They were light, flavoursome and not too rich. Homemade by Shafiq, who was serving us. I can tell he is passionate about food and his ice creams. He told us that he is a trained chef, and hope one day to own his own restaurant. We wish you a great success in the near future and hope one day we get to eat at your restaurant in Penang.

We love the Azuma. The food was good. The service was friendly and fast.

9 responses to “Food at Azuma

  1. Victor, are you staying at the Eastin? Must be a great package/offer for you to be able to stay so long plus all the complimentary food & drinks you’ve been getting, I must check this hotel out! Don’t you find that the heat and humidity kill your appetite? Great food all round though.

    I’ve been checking out AirAsiaX but they don’t have any fare reductions for London-KL flights at the moment. However, AirAsiaX works out cheaper than all other airlines!

    • Wait until AA-X replace all their seats. I read that all their planes will have new seats by end this year. Assume slightly bigger, more leg rooms and more comfortable seats, and Economy XL with all flat bed when seat is reclined.
      Yes, we both felt the same. Not much appetite with the heat, esp my partner. For me, I have to sample one small bowl of noodle. But, eat more papaya.
      We stayed at Eastin under a corporate rate (slightly cheaper than normal rate) at MYR$260++ per night on executive floor. Comes with free breakfast for two and complimentary Happy Hour in the evening. It is a 4-star hotel. Location is good. I commute using mostly RapidPenang bus, which is really cheap. But if in a rush, take taxi.

  2. I find Japanese food very fresh and flavoursome. Not too heavy – probably suits a warm climate. Sashimi must be fresh so that would disappoint me. Enjoying your posts, Victor!

  3. Mary & Stephen E – thanks.

  4. What is Nestle ice-cream (excuse my ignorance)?

    • Shafig who made the ice cream told me that he made it from Nestum, which is the brand name for different oats/cereals. Mostly for making baby food. Popular in Asia. The company name is Nestle. So, baby ice cream? It has an interesting texture and soft crunchiness of oats/cereals. 🙂

  5. Very good post. Hope to see even more excellent posts in the near future.

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