Last night in Penang

Arrived home last night from Penang. A long 16 hours travel and waiting time. All three flights – Penang/Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur/Melbourne and Melbourne/Hobart were good and on time. No drama, except finding it quite cool coming home.

Strange feeling coming home to Tasmania. It seems like I was gone for a long time. But, on the last day in Penang and while still in Penang, it seems the holiday was too short. A total of 9 days/8 nights. Does that make sense? Strange feeling indeed. Maybe it was because we were out until very late on our last night in Penang. Met up with my young cousin and night clubbing until 2 am.

First at Beach Blanket Babylon at 32 Mansion.

Next – Upper Penang Road a.k.a UPR with a row of night clubs, directly across the grand Eastern and Oriental Hotel (E&O). It was very difficult to take a good photo of the rows of night clubs in the area. The main thoroughfare had canopies set up for tomorrow’s Little Penang Street Market, last Sunday of the month. One of the night club, MOIS, in UPR.

And, finally “Bagan” – it was hype, trendy with sophisticated clientele. By this time, I had way too much drinks! I was dancing, dancing and dancing. I told myself it was time to go when I was encouraged to dance on top of the bar by a group of female patrons! They went crazy and wild! Screaming! Would you believe that?? My partner was legless as well. We had to leave my cousin and called a taxi to take us back to the hotel. Bad influence that young cousin of mine!

And, live performance by Ross, a flamboyant hmm..sHe. Excellent singer with great, big voice.

And, lovely and powerful female singer, Dasha. I hope I spell her name correctly. She is petite, very sweet, beautiful and sexy. Her mother was there that night with a group of friends celebrating her birthday. Happy birthday. I danced with her a few times and her female friends. Wonderful time. But I was totally out the next day.

5 responses to “Last night in Penang

  1. Welcome home Mate! Lots of tales to tell. Hard to leave your dear Mum behind. Look forward to catching up soon!

  2. Victor someone led you astray…!! : )

  3. Wish I were there! Used to enjoy listening to those talented singers in clubs with a group of friends but haven’t done that for a long time.

    I know that strange feeling of being neither here nor there, it’s like you’re home (in Penang, your birthplace) and yet your home is in Tasmania. Torn. I always get that feeling on my last day too.

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