“What’s Cooking” in Victor’s Kitchen

Before we went to Penang a few weeks ago, I asked our friends, also our neighbour, if they can look after our thirteen years old girl “Bonnie”. She is the most gorgeous, stubborn girl with gorgeous, silky long black hair. She is our Scottish Terrier – pure bred. We waited almost a year for her. The breeder based in New South Wales only bred show dogs. Bonnie’s father was specially flown in from England to breed with her mother, which has won several top medals in Australia. We are two proud parents. She is the best companion we can ever asked for.

Photo of me and Bonnie taken in the earlier days, when we first moved to Tasmania. Photo taken in Franklin. My partner said, “You have more hair then!”

We got home from Penang. I went to pick Bonnie up from our friends, Helen and Ted, who lives 3 properties away from us on the Huon estuary waterfront with their own jetty. They have the most amazing garden in the street. Helen is a real keen gardener. They both told me that Bonnie was very good and well behaved. No barking. Followed them around. Sat next to Ted. More attached to Ted because Ted walked and fed her in the morning. I was glad to hear that. That all three of them get along fine. Luckily they adore her as well. That means, we can leave her with them again when we go away the next time.

I invited Helen and Ted over for dinner one night to thank them for looking after Bonnie so well. That was last night. Ted loves my soy pork dish that he used to order at my old restaurant. And, Helen loves my Nonya-style curry chicken dish. But I decided to make a slight variation to give the curry an interesting twist and used claypot to slow cooked.

I cooked a third dish when they arrived so I can show Helen how to make it. It was a very simple stir fry vegetables with chicken. Last week, I explained to her how to cook my poached chicken – and they love it.

My partner took the opportunity to film me using my iPOD Nano. I attached the videos for some good laughs and remembrance.

Stir Fry Vegetables with Chicken. It took under 5 minutes to cook this dish, and 10 minutes to prepare. If you want a nice, quick stir fry – this is the dish for you. It was a winner with both Helen and Ted.

I never cooked Celery before. I never really acquire a taste for it. Because mostly I had it raw in salad. I like the texture and crunchiness but not the taste –  slightly bitter and strong. But, on my last trip to Penang, mum stir fry celery with fresh prawns. Then, at a restaurant the peking duck meats were again stir fry with celery. I came to love it. My mum also told me that celery is very good for you.

An extract from WikiAnswers,

Celery has vitamin C and other active compounds that includes phalides, which may lower cholesterol, and coumarins. Provides good health and may be useful in cancer prevention.

Celery apparently helps your body to burn calories.

So, the main ingredient for my stir fry is “Celery” for its properties and health benefits. Also, for its vibrant green colour. I combined with other vegetables – carrot, red capsicum and Chinese straw mushrooms to get some interesting colour and texture for my dish.


2 carrots

4 celery stems

1 red capsicum

1 small can of Chinese straw mushrooms

2 chicken thigh fillets

3 cloves garlic

1 inch ginger

1 tablespoon light soy sauce

2 tablespoons oyster sauce

1 tablespoon chinese cooking wine

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

sprinkle of salt, sugar and pepper to taste


1. Slice the carrots diagonally into small sections.

2. Slice the celery into small sections, about 1 cm apart.

3. Slice the red capsicum into 6 sections. Further slice into bite pieces, about 1 cm apart.

4. Drain the can of mushrooms. Rinse in tap running water. Set aside.

5. Cut the chicken into bite pieces. Marinade with some light soy sauce, salt, pepper and a bit of sesame oil.

6. Chop garlic finely. Set aside.

7. Slice ginger thinly. Set aside.


1. Heat some oil in a hot wok.

2. Toss in garlic. Give it a quick stir fry until fragrant.

3. Toss in chicken. Stir fry until cook.

4. Add carrots. Then the remaining vegetables. Stir fry quickly.

5. Add all the sauces and ginger. Toss and combine all ingredients.

6. Add some starch mixed with water.

7. Sprinkle salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

Enjoy your meal.

You can watch my video instructions below for a good laugh.

The beginning.

Pause. And, continue. My cameraman was getting tired with his hands holding the iPOD Nano. I must say his filming was very good until he decided to run away! Just watch. Very funny.

And, finally the dinner was about ready.

16 responses to ““What’s Cooking” in Victor’s Kitchen

  1. Can’t believe you put that together so fast, Victor. Yummmmm!
    Steve best cinematography! Cheers!

  2. Fantastic V. You are such a pro…

  3. You boys have inspired me – guess what we’re having for Sunday night dinner chez Rita? So quick, easy, healthy and tasty. Make more cooking shows please!

  4. I need to try your recipe, and love the video, you made it so easy.

    I can’t wait to start my garden, it’s still too cold here and looking forward to homegrown tomatoes also.

  5. So cute Victor! So delicious! I love this – yes more please!

  6. Hi Victor

    More cooking demos to come, hopefully? This is absolutely great, love it! Wish we were your neighbours too, I promise I’ll help you with the washing up! 🙂

  7. Happy to know y’all are happy with the cooking video program. Hope my partner is willing to film me again. Cheers, Victor

  8. It’s great to watch you cook- you’re so relaxed and comfortable – great videos! Glad to hear Bonnie has a nice place to stay when you’re away, I bet she was glad to see you both again!

    • Thanks, Hazel. Mum is always relaxed when she cooks. My partner thinks I am becoming more and more like her! Not sure how to take it.
      Well, let me tell you – she totally ignore us for a few days whenever we come back from a holiday. It’s like, how dare we leave her behind! LOL!.

  9. I see a new show in the making!

  10. Hey Victor, going to try tomorrow for lunch, am sorta ‘trying’ to do Shanghai Dumplings(making the dough could be ,interesting) and steamed chicken wings tonight , so if you don’t hear from me again!!!.
    Cecil. B. DeReb needs a Director, I will work for food, oh, and wine. :).

    • Wow, your own dumpling dough. That should be fun. The only dough I have ever made is pizza. I wish I have that talent and patience. 🙂
      You lost me – “Cecil. B. DeReb needs a Director”

  11. Wow, your own dumpling dough. That should be fun.
    Victor, first time I’ve made it.Just flour and boiling water. I’m going to wok fry? the dumplings and then steam them , I’ve burnt the buggers on the bottom a bit, but now , after the chook wings are almost (in the steamer) done , I ‘ll put in the dumplings and go from there.
    I’m sorta sure that a reason that the magnificent sauces have been coddled are to hide the face of the basic .
    Cecil. B. DeReb needs a Director”
    I’m sure I’ll pay for that, just hope it’s not ‘Taxi Driver” type of laid back observation.
    Mrs. L(the tiny Asain who claimed my life years ago, and is a severe task cooks some meals that involve simple things, and they are good, lots of vegies and chili. me I need a challenge ,if it worked once, progress.
    This house is been a cooking astound , sorta like a Greenaway without the main prop.

  12. Victor, made the stir fry for lunch, easy and good. Only had dried mushrooms so that may have altered it a bit.
    Recon as a base, that could be altered to suit sea food also.?.
    The dumpling dough wasn’t all that good, I don’t think I rolled it thin enough, I’ll try again. The lack of availability is a problem for us.
    Thanks , Lang.

    • Hey Lang – can you not buy some dumpling wrappers from local supermarket or deli? I usually keep some in the freezer as well, like spring roll wrappers. Keep for a long time.

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