Weekend Kitchen Chat

Welcome to another weekend of Kitchen Chat.

This has been been a funny week for me. It was a short working week, with Easter Monday and Tuesday off. Some companies in Tasmania have the extra day off, like my client. That means no income for me for 2 days.

The week begins with a lovely lunch at a fellow foodie’s home in South Hobart. Stephen and Mary are friends that we met through Twitter and Blogging. A delightful lunch feast of 6 courses degustation whipped up by a fantastic cook, Stephen. You can read all about his Easter lunch specially prepared for a group of friends, met through social websites of Twitter and Facebook.

Then my week progresses to almost a non-event week. Preparing and updating my resume. Worry about not having another job. And, where I will be if I cannot find a job locally. It is almost an emotional tiring week building up to the weekend. To make matter worse, there were so many bad news in the press. Such as, a young Yemeni 13 years old bride married to an older man bleed to death after sex on their first night, a step father pimped her 12 years old daughter to have sex with 100 men, supposedly under the State care. What is wrong with our society? Isn’t there any form of responsibility left in human kind? Why always bad news made the news? Is it worth reading? Good news seldom make to the news. Why?

Oh, don’t worry about me. I am not falling over the edge of a cliff. I am an Oxen, a Taurean – I am tough as a bull, and always bounce back. It must be my male menopause. Life is never picture perfect.

Have a great weekend y’all.

5 responses to “Weekend Kitchen Chat

  1. You look very well in your profile picture Victor…Yes always shockers in the news. Do we need to know all of it??
    A pleasure to have you both at lunch on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Dont let that stuff grind you down Vic-take a deep breath, look out over that wonderful view of yours, smell the roses & have a nice cuppa!

    • Thanks, Steve. We are going to my hair saloon opening of his new shop, so a couple of drinks maybe, then to a nice dinner somewhere. That should do it.

  3. Great article. Thanks

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