Weekend Kitchen Chat

Welcome to another weekend of kitchen chat with Victor!

Is it true as one gets older, it is not necessary getting wiser? I think it is more like I really don’t care the **** of what other people think. It is like becoming more confident of yourself because you have been there. That sort of thing. And, maybe becoming a bit senile, and repeating the same thing over and over again. I guess it is almost like those grumpy old man or grumpy old woman on the BBC show, which I find quite hilarious. So, am I becoming one of them? Maybe more like a grumpy old woman.

It is also a damn funny day today – a typical Tasmania weather of one minute sunny, next minute rain with strong gusty wind. We do get this unpredictable day of what to wear if you need to go outside – a light jacket, a jumper, a raincoat, woolie, scarf, beanie – because we are so blessed with pristine pure air and water for being so close to Antarctica. Fortunately, I didn’t have any plan today. So fire roaring away in the slow combustion fireplace. Sitting on a couch next to the fireplace in my undergarment wrapped in a goose down doona, reading the second book of Steig Larsson, “The Girl Who Played with Fire”.

I am itching to ask you a question, because I was born and grew up in a tropical country, where there is no autumn but summer year round with a monsoon and rainy season. But, I have lived in a four seasons climate in the past three decades of my adult life

Why do we have deciduous trees planted so close to our house?

I know a simple answer is, it provides shade in a hot summer, and light in the winter. But, don’t we know that the leaves dropped all over the roof, gutter, deck, footpath and patios in each autumn? The leaves in the gutter, if not cleaned, will eventually compost and turned into dirt. Then washed into down pipes and end in our water tank, where we drink (if you don’t have town water). Every beginning of summer, I have to climb onto the roof and clean the gutter before a bush fire season. Just yesterday, I had to vacuum all those leaves on my back patio. Now it is littered with more leaves again because of the on and off strong gusty wind and rain. The trees are lovely to look at when green, but bare in winter. And, they are huge. The next place I am going to live has to be extremely low maintenance with no deciduous tree next to the house. Better still, I am going to live in a concrete block of building again, in a pigeon hole full of other inhabitants, with no garden. So, do I qualify as a grumpy old man now? 😉

6 responses to “Weekend Kitchen Chat

  1. Stephen Estcourt

    Victor I truly hope you were not up on the roof in your undergarment – now that would truly be the girl who played with fire 🙂

  2. Today our neighbour called over to say a tree on our common fenceline had split and he’d called the tree doctor…I wasn’t that upset until I discovered it was NOt the one that sheds all its leaves into our porch /gutters. Might have to plant some fungus and sabotage it…Grrrrumpy

  3. You sound like Bo!, just kidding. 🙂

    When we bought our house, it was a new construction and it had a huge tree in our backyard where my current garden sits. The tree was at least 100 years old sitting next to the deck. I didn’t understand why they didn’t cut it down before building the house. We moved in during the Spring and by Fall it was a full time job with leaves raking, and when it storms, it was very scary. We finally had it cut down by the next winter, it cost us $1000. I’m like you, I came from a tropical climate and we don’t plant trees this close to the house and I never understood why it would be attractive to have one so close by.

    • Wow, Nye. That is a lot of money to have that tree taken down. But, I guess worthwhile with a piece of mind that the family is safe inside the house on a gale force windy day.

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