“Weekend Foodtrail” in Melbourne

It was a busy, busy, busy week in Melbourne. But, a good 3 nights, 4 days of art, food and culture in Melbourne – Puccini’s Tosca, Titanic artefacts exhibition, Buddha’s birthday celebration at The Federation Square, Yum-Cha at The Red Emporer, Pho lunch at Mekong and a second time at Hung Vuong 2, Sichuan dinner at Hutong Dumpling House, Chinese dinner at Shark Fin House. Most importantly, the real reason for the trip was to attend my nephew’s graduation ceremony at Monash University, with family visiting from Malaysia.

And, I could not resist taking a photo of this “Chef”. At a price tag of sixty Aussie dollars, that is a bloody cow!

My favourite pho at Hung Vuong 2, Richmond. I ordered a pho combination with thinly sliced raw beef, briskets and beef balls. My partner ordered a vermicelli grilled chicken and we shared a vietnamese fried spring roll.

I had pho again in Melbourne city, at Mekong.  There are two serving sizes – small or large. I was on my own. I asked for a small size and another dish of vietnamese fried spring rolls. There was a difference in the quality of the pho dish. Hung Vuong 2’s soup had more flavour with lots of chopped spring onions, coriander and onions, and very fresh vietnamese basil and bean sprout on the side. I believed Mekong was toned down a bit with less garnishes. But, still good within walking distance from our hotel.

The vietnamese fried spring rolls were good at both places, with a slight difference in size. Mekong did their rolls bigger than Hung Vuong 2, which was almost pencil-thin.

Melbourne is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with city Tram and European feel. It is the second largest city in Australia and one day may overtake Sydney as the largest city. In my opinion, it is more interesting than Sydney. Others may disagree. There is always a rivalry between the two cities. I have lived in Sydney for 9 years. So if I have to move back to mainland Australia (from Tasmania) to look for a job, it will be Melbourne. But, hopefully I don’t have to make that choice.

Melbourne’s graffiti art in Union Lane.

Other Melbournian street scapes.

A student union protest outside Flinder Station.

Buddhist worshippers at The Federation Square, bathing baby buddha statues.

9 responses to ““Weekend Foodtrail” in Melbourne

  1. I’m interested to see what you thought of Shark Fin House.
    Keep up the good work, but please do stay in Tassie.

    • John – thanks.

      We had dinner at SFH on Friday night. My first. In the past, it was always YC. The dishes were ordered by my brother and his wife. It was their shout.

      We had Peking Duck. It was very good – meat tender and juicy, skin crisp with nice smoky flavour. Pancake that went with it was fresh and soft. Next, we had king prawn sauteed with heaps of fresh spring onions and ginger sauce,. The prawn was large and crunchy. The ginger sauce was tangy, sweet and slightly salty. Next was a crisp skin fried chicken. One of my favourite at a Chinese restaurant. The skin was thin and crispy. Flesh tender and succulent. Nice dipped in mixed spiced salt. Other dishes were stir fry mixed vegetables with tofu, broccoli, snow peas, carrots, bamboo shoots, baby corns, claypot tofu with scallops, stir fry beef fillet with cashew nuts. All the dishes were good. I could not find any flaw in the food, which is what I expected at this type of Chinese restaurant. But, there is nothing extraordinary about them either. As for service, there was only one waiter serving 5-6 large tables of mostly eight per table. It was busy on a Friday night. So, don’t expect much service or attention from the staff. My brother and his wife were not impressed with the service. Actually they were not that happy. The bill came to $220 for 10 of us.
      Would I go back again? Yes, if I want a nice, predictable cantonese style type of cuisine.

  2. Awesome price $220 for 10 adults. Had pork offal congee today and a pretty mediocre congee at that, cost $13. Not happy.

    Love pho, love peking duck, love food.

    Did you have shark fin soup seeing as the restaurant is name Shark Fin House?

    Missing you, Victor. Leave Tassie and come back to Sydney.

  3. You had a good feed in Melbourne…not difficult is it!
    Haven’t tried pho but will give it a try next time I’m in Melba. Tosca coming to Hobart in July – looking forward to it. Did you survive the Titanic???

    • Mary – you must try Pho in Richmond. Just beware, it is very addictive! Hee hee.

      LOL, actually when you board the Titanic you are given a ticket. I was Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon, a first class passenger at age 49! But, Reb was a 3rd class passenger. He was not happy at all! LOL. I forgot to look at the list of survivors. Queue was so long.

  4. My favorite noodle dish is Pho, the one you had looked so good.

    Melbourne sounds like a nice place to visit, and I love the photo with the scooter.

  5. Did you go into the bar that you have a picture of, the one with the Vespa outside? My mum got married there in January of last year, it was lovely. We still meet there for coffees when I go to Melbourne. It’s “our” place.

    Glad you had a great time in Melbourne. I’ll be back there soon, so I’m looking forward to some Vietnamese food!

    • Hey Nola – no, I didn’t go in there. I happened to walk through that laneway.

      Have a great time back in Melbourne. I love the city.

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