Life without a job

This is an off topic from my usual travel and food post.

When you have so much time on your hand with no disposable income, what would you do? Anyone?

That is the opportunity I was given in the last few weeks. I am officially unemployed for the first time in 25 years. Not retired. There is a difference. Being unemployed means no income. No money to spend. Zip. But, being retired hopefully if one plans well, should have money to spend and live on pension money. I am not ready to retire. So is it possible to live without money and have all the time? I guess so. But, life takes on a different twist than someone that has the money and all the time. One may argue it is more meaningful or meaningless depending on how you view it.

So, in the last few weeks, how did I occupy my time?

1. Keep searching for a new job.

2. Get a local haircut. From a $47 haircut to $12.50 haircut.

3. Spend more time with “Bonnie”, my scottie dog.

4. Take “Bonnie” for a walk.

5. Go for more walk.

6. Stack firewoods.

7. Keep the house clean.

8. Keep the house warm before my partner gets home.

9. Do the grocery.

10. Cook for my partner.

11. Wash and iron the clothes.

12. Potter in the garden.

13. Read a book.

14. Watch the tele.

15. And, ask my partner for some spending money.

16. Use cash only. No credit card.

After few weeks, I really don’t know how anyone can do it. All the time on one hand, and no job and money on the other hand. No equilibrium. One side is heavier than the other. I mean day after day, the same routine all over again. There is no one to converse with, except myself and “Bonnie”. Yes, I talked to her. She does her best to listen and understand. She will move her head left to right, and then right to left. Probably saying “no!” and not again. That, she only understand “dog” language, or a few English syllable.

So, what would you do if you have all the time? and, remember with no money! How do you remain intellectually stimulated, physically and emotionally balanced?

29 responses to “Life without a job

  1. Dear Victor

    I do empathised with your situation as I think I am in a simialar one too. Although I said that I am retired, it is too fightening a word for me so I am telling myself that I am taking a year out to redefine and to find myself……… also reclaim the life that I lost when I was a slave to the career path.

    What is wrong with being dependent on your partner? I am sure that is what partnership is all about – being there for each other or am I being too idealistic. You know the bit where you made a promise to each other………for better or for worse.

    Keep breathing and stay sane. Soon an opportunity will drop by.

    • Maybe, Lee. But there is a difference. You are retired, or at least chose to retire. You must have a plan or at least “redefine” the life you want to be post-retirement. The wonderful thing is that you have the money so you can continue to do things that you enjoy most – travel, meet people and experience new things. So, no more household and family routines. 🙂

      Well, I like to be independent financially. I guess it is a bit of pride and “not loose face”. Tho’ my partner has no issue supporting me, and has been wonderful. Except don’t ask for entertainment or travel allowances! That is out of the equation for now, until I can find a new job or at least sell our house. Hopefully soon.

  2. Could you start some sort of project that could earn you a little money? e.g. making something that could be sold at a farmer’s market – chutneys or preserves, or something more niche that takes advantage of your particular cooking skills – cooking sauces for stirfries maybe.

    You are great with foods and flavours!

    • Hi Bri – that is a wonderful suggestion. I guess I could do that. Let me put on my thinking hat. Thanks heap. 🙂

  3. Hi Victor

    I’d pay for a cooking lesson from you! In the meantime, what about some volunteer work?


    • Hi Michelle – really?? money for cooking class. Okay.
      I can’t remember if I have done a volunteer work before. Probably during my school days. I will email you to get some tips.

  4. Victor

    Do not despair, being philosophical, everything in life happens for a reason. Learn from it as it makes one stronger and shapes one character.

    As my old dad always used to tell me when I was down, ” the night does not last forever”.

    A new chapter in your life is beginning, may it be an exciting one. You will look back in future years at this phase of your life as a storm in a tea cup.

    Chin up and good luck in your job search or what ever you under take to do.



    • Thanks, Eric. Thanks for reminding me that everything happens for a reason, which I strongly believe. I need to hold on to that believe and see what unfolds in the next few weeks.

  5. I think Bri & Michelle are onto something V. Wish you lived closer. You could do cooking classes at ut si.
    Thinking of you darling thing. x

  6. Maybe you could even take a small group to Chinatown….errr okay… Wing and Co or the Moonah Store. Explain all the ingredients you use in your cooking, what they are, your favourite brands. For me, the range of soy sauce alone is overwhelming let alone which chilli bean sauce to use – yikes! Then take the group to a kitchen to cook, using fantastic fresh Tas produce, then eat a malaysian style feast. That, dear Victor, would be a fantastic experience for which many people would pay.


  7. Thanks, C. I wish the same, that Ut Si is closer to home. It is a perfect venue for an Asian inspired cooking class. It has all the charm and character, with your homegrown fresh herbs and vegetables outside.

    Michelle – I really love your idea. I am starting to get inspired again! Need to think of a kitchen/venue that is closer to town.

    Before I started Melaka, I ran a couple of Malaysian cooking classes at the Adult Learning Centre. It was a good experience.

    I must find the notes and class materials I did for those classes. Need more thinking and brainstorming. Reb is not going to like it. He will have nothing to do with this, which he has said to me many times. That is why I have shut off any idea of opening another cafe.

  8. Hi Victor!
    I love the idea of cooking classes: from your home (or a community based kitchen if you go down the volunteer path). Maybe the weekend markets or B&B/cafes that would pay for your dishes…Guest spots at Ut Si….Agrarian Kitchen…
    OMG don’t go for cheap haircuts – where is your pride man!!!!

    • Hi Mary – she actually did a good job. Not the first visit. Second visit was better, and did it for free to make up for the first visit. There you go. Not only cheap, but free haircut! LOL!

  9. The girls are onto a great thing here Victor. Need to find a kitchen – maybe a pub that doesn’t do meals, but used to, so has an unused kitchen. I’ll ask how much my work charges for our kitchen, and email you.

    I would pay for classes from you, and Michelle’s idea of field trip to Wings or Moonah place is inspired. I love it when Maeve O’Meara accompanies whichever chef to a local Wings-equivalent and they go along the aisles talking about the various items and what each is used for.

    Remember those beautiful coconut candies you bought for us at Wings for CNY, which, after I had tasted them, became my very firm fave till Wings stopped getting them? I would NEVER have bought or eaten them in my whole life had it not been for you.

    You blog about it. You live it. Why not make food return something to you? A cafe is obviously not the way to go, so classes are the next best thing, surely?

    • Thanks, Rita.

      I will work on all the ideas from you, Michelle, Ut Si, Bri, Mary. Thanks all for the inspiration and support.

      Rita – yes, please let me know about the kitchen’s cost, and any other facilities that you think may be suitable and reasonable to keep the class cost down.

      You are right. Another cafe will not be supported by my partner, but running a class, I can do without him so that won’t be a problem as long as I don’t have to ask him for money. Hee hee.

      I will start working on the ideas from today!


  10. Oh yes V. You can use ut si anytime for a masterclass!

    • Thanks, C.

      I would love to do a masterclass at your beautiful, character filled church. Let me think about how we can do this, and it has to be very special and one off because of the drive.

  11. Hehehe you would always look great even on bad hair days Victor!! ❤

  12. Wow some serious brain storming here for you Victor. I would certainly come to a lesson- it would be great fun and we’d learn so much too! Fingers crossed for you!

  13. It sounds like you might fill your first class just with blog readers! Good luck with it all, Victor 🙂

  14. Thanks, all. Let me develop on the ideas y’all have been feeding me, and hopefully turn them into reality soon.

  15. This all sounds so wonderful Victor.
    Love the idea of a field trip then a cooking class.
    I just love checking out your recipes online, so would love to see it all come together for you.
    You should so do this!

  16. Looking good Victor. I called woman in charge of booking our kitchens today. She was in Launceston for the day. Back tomorrow. Will get back to you with price.

  17. Christina – looking forward to having you in the class if it does take off. It should be great fun. Cheers!

    Rita – thanks for scouting a kitchen for me to cook. Look forward to more information. Hopefully I can put together something interesting and fun.

  18. Hi Victor – it’s $22 per hour for hire of our fully equipped domestic kitchen.

  19. Victor, it would drive me nuts. I used to walk a lot when I didn’t have a job, and when I get upset because of no job/no money, then I would run to get the frustration out.

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