I’ve Got a New Job!!

I’ve got a new job! I’ve got a new job! Starting next Wednesday, I will be employed again!

A contract work as a Business Analyst for the next 6 months. Hope this will lead to something more and better in the future.

This is one happy face. 🙂

Thanks, Abby for getting me this interview today. Nice meeting Craig and Laura at the interview. Look forward to working and getting to know both of you. So happy and relief.

This doesn’t mean I will loose my passion on food, cooking and blogging. As a matter of fact, I am still working on the ideas Rita, Colette, Michelle, Bri, Mary E, Christina have been feeding me in my last post, to start a cooking class.

To start off, I have jotted some key points for my plan, and arranged with Rita to view a venue in Hobart.

1. Target audience – who?

2. Class frequency – how oftern?

3. Class style, format and structure – what to offer?

4. Cost of running a class – how much?

5. Class fees – how much?

6. Class size and registration – what and how?

Guys, have I miss out any key points?

20 responses to “I’ve Got a New Job!!

  1. YAY! Thank god for that! Let me be one of the first to congratulate you Victor! Fabulous news.

    Can I suggest a few answers to your questions, above?
    1. People who are KEEN to learn, and cook your style of cooking/food.
    2. Once per month?
    3. Could look at covering a standard 4 course meal each time, with nibbles, soup, entree, main; or separate it into chunks like one lesson for some soups, one lesson for some mains, desserts etc
    4. You’d have to price it out (ingredients, time taken to purchase and prep, hire costs etc), then make sure you make some money from it.
    5. as above
    6. You could develop an online registration form, and payment plan with it, so everyone pays in advance, so it won’t matter if someone fails to attend one class in a series.

    • Thanks, thanks, thanks, Rita!! I am very happy and over the moon at the moment.

      Oh, thanks Rita. All good answers and suggestions. As for frequency – I am thinking the same – once per month only. I may start off the first session with introduction to all common ingredients I have in my kitchen, shopping at the local Asian supermarket and then use some of them (thanks, Michelle). I will pick your brain more next week, if that is okay with you.

  2. Well done Victor, Its a great idea.

  3. Victor

    See! the dawn has come. Now use this opportunity to put into practice your plans for a cooking school/provide master classes etc.

    You are assured a regular income for 6 months at least, so in the evening/weekend channel your culinary skills into the project.

    Who knows where this may lead to?

    Good luck



    • Thanks, Eric. You are absolutely correct. Everything happens for a reason. It’s good to know there is something to look and move forward. Cheers, Victor.

  4. Ooooh congrats Victor. Those lucky folks working with YOU!

    Rita has a practical coverage there of the chef school idea:
    Monthly great /
    Pay in advance (online EFT) /
    Remember pay yourself first /

    Ingredients as much as methods. I am quite bamboozled by Asian ingredients….think many of us are the same.

    What about cooking in people’s homes a Malaysian Dinner for 8-10 people…$/per head to cover ingredients & time. ?????

    Cheers!! : ))

    • Thanks, Mary.

      “”What about cooking in people’s homes a Malaysian Dinner for 8-10 people…$/per head to cover ingredients & time. ?????””

      I’ve been asked before by our neighbour who owns and operates an amazing, beautiful self contained accommodation to cater and cook for their house guests, http://www.villatalia.com.au/. All sounds very tempting and exciting.

      But, it is more enjoyable and fun if there are social interaction and participation from food lovers interested to learn, cook and get involved in a more controlled environment like in a cooking class.

  5. Go You! Victor. Congratulations on the new job, but please don’t give up OUR dream of you running a cooking, shopping type thingy of all your best recipes.
    I have given up the dreaded tobacco for the last 4 weeks and could think of nothing better to spend my money on now, than a share of your wisdom.
    Phil agrees with me too!

    • LOL, Christina. I better make sure our dream is realised then. 🙂

      Hey keep up the great job of keeping Mr T from your life.

  6. Bravo, Victor. Congratulations on the new job, and I hope the financial stability and independence it will provide will tide you over until you fulfil your dream.

    Well done, mate.

  7. So happy for you Victor, glad to see your happy face back!! Look forward to hearing about your cooking school…Rob and I would be there in a flash!

  8. Congrats Victor, I’m so happy for you! 🙂

    And good luck on starting your cooking class, I hope you share with us online every once in a while.

  9. Congratulations on the job Victor! That must give some breathing space to have an income while you develop your new ideas.


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