Delightful Morning

This morning I woke up early. Took my dog out for her to do her usual stuff. Then pulled on my jumper and track pants. Got the car key and drove to Cygnet to buy the local newspaper, “Sunday Mercury”. Why such a hurry? Well, I was eager to read an article in the paper, featuring our home renovation. Got back, turned to page 16 and there it was, “Real Renovator’s Delight” written by Sally Glaetzer.

Thanks, Sally and Sunday Mercury for picking our house to feature in your Sunday Home.

After reading the paper this morning, I got a bit peckish. I was tossing between making a simple toast with poached eggs or stir-fry noodles with “what I’ve got in my fridge”. I decided for the later. Opened the fridge and see what I’ve got in there. Tasmanian fresh scallops! Wow, that is a treat for breakfast. So tempted. So I took out the scallops that I bought yesterday. They are in season now. Beautiful, plump and perfect, and no strong fishy smell. I was initially going to cook the scallops in black bean sauce for tonight’s dinner. But, changed my mind. That is what I like about cooking. Being spontaneous. A spur of the moment.

What I like about Chinese cooking is that it is very simple to cook. I believe anyone can cook something Chinese as long as there are basic ingredients and sauces in the kitchen. It takes a long time to prepare, but it takes only a few minutes to stir-fry and best of all, it takes less than 5 minutes to eat because it is so tasty and delicious.

I used a few garlic cloves, a bit of ginger, some sliced red chili, chopped spring onion, oyster sauce, fish sauce and some homemade chicken stock for my scallop noodle breakfast.

Gheez…my partner is calling out loud. It is a lovely Sunday morning, with patchy white clouds and sunshine. Time to take our little Scottie dog to Randalls Bay. A short 15 minutes drive with lovely sheltered and quite beach.

Back from Randalls Bay. Here are some photos taken this morning at Randalls Bay. Now the challenge of washing “Bonnie” with all the sands underneath her.

Randalls Bay

The Beach

and……here’s “Bonnie”. You can tell she’s a black scottie! 🙂

6 responses to “Delightful Morning

  1. Great article Victor:: House looks gorgeous and so does your breakfast!

  2. Love the article Victor & Steve. House photographed beautifully!
    Enjoy your day, Masterchef!

  3. Thanks, Michelle and Mary E.

    Just updated with photos taken at Randalls Bay this morning.

  4. Victor, you’ve a lovely home, thanks for sharing.

    And you made cooking so simple, the breakfast looks delicious.

  5. Hi Victor

    I remember reading the article in The Mercury and thinking what a great house it was – congratulations!

    Must get down to Cygnet one day – I’ve heard there’s some great eating places.

    Cheers, Tania

    • Hi Tania – if you are down in Cygnet, you must try Red Velvet Lounge for dinner (only Fri and Sat) and Lotus Eaters Cafe for lunch. And, stay overnight at Cygnet Old Bank B&B.

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