My week

Another week of work just gone by. A start to another weekend. Nothing in stall for this weekend. It was a normal week for me so far. But probably on a high than low. Few more changes at work – 2 managers leaving, 1 manager going on 6 months paid leave traveling around New Zealand and India. A fellow team mate going on a 3 months holiday tracking across Europe, Africa and Asia. Best of all, we can trace her movement and discovery. She setup a blog just to keep us informed of her and her newly wed husband movement. It is like watching a personal version of Amazing Race.

I feel envious when people can take such long leave and best of all, paid leaves and travel around the world. It can only be a dream for me. I have never stayed in a company as a full time employee for over 10 years. I found out a long service leave entitlement is 3 months! Imagine having all the time in your hand, and best of all still getting paid and a job when you come back. That’s life in a government agency in Australia. That is probably why we see so many stagnant ideas in government offices. Nothing changes. Nothing gets implemented. Lots of discussions, talks and strategic planning. But seldom gets implemented. Once you are in, you are set for life. Well, almost. Over time, one seats there to pass time and wait for payday. No one gets challenge. But time is changing, even government office needs to stay competitive and become more commercialised to survive. Such is the case in this company that I am currently working. A huge part of the business is going through a big and significant change of outsourcing part of their operations. That means, staff movement and insecurity sets in for some.

Don’t get me wrong. I am enjoying my work. I am adding value to the change process. It’s been six weeks now since I started on the job. I feel that I really know the company well. It seems longer than six weeks. Felt more like 3 months! The work is engaging and support from people that I am working with have been very positive. Best of all, I love the location. I get to walk to the best part of Hobart – Salamanca Place at lunch time for a short break. And, I get my daily morning and evening walk from work to my car. It is a fair distance to walk, but a good enough 10 minutes each way for a free street parking. The walk takes me up a a very steep climb of 30 plus steps called, “Nanny Goat Lane”. It’s been so named, presumably, that only goats can conquer such steepness in the old days. Not far from Nanny Goat Lane is “Billy Goat Lane”, less steep and lesser steps to climb. I enjoy the challenge of Nanny Goat Lane in the morning, but always run out of breath by the time I reached the top. Going back, I am careful going down the steep concrete slabs when they are wet. Once there was a horrible dog poo on one of the slab. An unfortunate somebody had stepped all over it. It was quite an obstacle for me to maneuver my way around the messy path!

This week we saw the winter storm coming from the south with strong, howling wind and temperature below 10 degrees. This is Tasmania’s early Spring. Wet, windy and cold. There was snow down to 300m. It was said the weather storm resemble the 1985 snow storm to sea level. But, it did not happened. I was eagerly hoping to see a repeat of that year, which I have experienced in 2004. It was quite spectacular. Here is a picture of our place during our first winter in the Huon Valley in 2004. My partner and I were so excited. We woke up with the snow. But, the snow didn’t last long. It was still nice.

I wish there is another snow storm to sea level. It may not happen again for a long time. But, the photo will always remind me of my first winter in Tasmania.

Have a great weekend!

4 responses to “My week

  1. The snow pic is gorgeous! I always want it to snow down to sea level.

  2. Such a nice view from where you are, is that your backyard?

    I would love to be able to take off 1 month at a time, we are so short staff that I couldn’t even take a sick day, pretty soon I wouldn’t even have time to breath. 😦

    • Yes, Nye. I was working on a 6m x 6m rose garden. Looks great for the first 2 years. Then weeds took over and native wild life gave me quite a challenge to maintain the formality of the garden. So in the end, ie now, it looks quite different. Sad to say. 😦

      • As much as I love roses, they look great for me the first 2 years also. I think there must be a secrete of maintaining it that we failed to pickup.

        I can see your rose garden now, and I think it looks promising, lots of pruning in the spring. 🙂

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