“Weekend Foodtrail” at RTBG

RTBG – Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden

Last night, my partner was suggesting that we should go to RTBG for the Spring Community Festival. The weather forecast is for a clear sunny blue sky day with a temperature in the low twenties. He suggested we should leave early. That is, if he can wake up!

Sunday morning, daylight saving for Tasmania. We adjusted our clock forward by 1 hour. That means we loose 1 hour of sleep. I like it. It means we get up earlier and we can do more things throughout the day. It does not get dark until 7:30pm. In summer, it is even better. The sun sets between 8:30pm and 9:30pm at our place, which faces West.

As usual, I was the one that got up first. Our house was covered with a thick fog. I could only see the garden from the inside of our house. My partner was still in bed. He was hoping that we leave here at 10am. But, he got up at 9:30am, which would be 8:30am if we had not adjusted the clock. So that was not too bad. By then, the fog has cleared up except across the other side of the Huon River.

We left the house about 11am, which was later than planned.

We went to RTBG for the annual Spring Community Festival. We have never been there before. I believe it was supposed to be the Tulip Festival, but this year there were not many tulip bulbs in the garden. Thus, the change of name to Spring Community Festival with other spring flowers.

I went there with anticipation that there will be good music and plenty of food stalls. Thus, my weekend foodtrail in great excitement to try some of the food at the festival.

There were already plenty of cars when we got there. We had to park a fair distance away from the main entrance. We did not mind as it was a beautiful day for a nice walk.

We had to pay $10 to get in. I guess it would be cheaper if you are a child or on a concession. On a normal day, it is free to visit RTBA, and worth the visit if you are visiting Hobart. I thought the entrance fee for the festival was a bit excessive.

The place was busy, but not busy enough for us to feel that we had to fight for space. That is one thing I love about Tasmania. It is never too crowded like any other major cities in Australia. On a beautiful day like this with a festival at a lovely public garden, it will be busy to move around if this is Sydney. Even finding a parking spot near the event is a nightmare if this is Sydney. But, no. Not in Hobart. It is great. It has a relax atmosphere. No one seems to be in hurry and has a layback lifestyle. I guess this is what life should be.

This was the crowd. So much space. So calm. So nice. The main stage was here.

We decided to spread our tartan rug on the lawn. Sat down and watched the main stage. It was not quite I expected. It was an amateur competition of young musicians. I was expecting some good bands/musicians. I told my partner I will go and find some food. I was getting hungry.

So off I went in search of some good food. I was again disappointed. There were only a few food stalls. Not much selections. Nothing caught my eyes. But there was the usual Tempura Mushroom stall. I decided to try a goat burger for $9 at another stall. I went back to my partner with my food. I ate my goat burger while he went to buy his own food. It was, how should I say it. Plain. Just plain. So ordinary and lack flavour. But, I guess it did filled my stomach and I was hungry. My partner got himself a Rosti. He said it was nice. I did not bother to take a photo of our food. They were not interesting.

We decided to move on after we had our food, to see what else was on. We came to a puppet stage, and decided to watch “Punch and Judy”, but had enough after 5 minutes. LOL.

It was too hot to sit in the sun. So we went in search for some trees and shaded area. We ended at a nice spot on the eastern side of the Conservatory. We were  a bit further away from the main stage, but not too far so we could still hear a distant sound from the stage.

We sat underneath a cluster of silver birches. The contrast of the white barks and soft light green leaves against a clear blue sky was mesmerizing for me.

Behind us, there were some seagulls. They were quite noisy. I supposed they were fighting for food on the ground. They eventually flew away when more people came around.

After a while, I went for another walk around the garden. What else was there? There was the jumping castle for the children and a few other basic stalls – like the ice cream cones, sausage sizzle on bread slices, doughnut and a wood-fire pizza. I thought I would try a pizza. I went closer to the stall to take a look. I ordered a chicken pizza for $9. I went back to my partner with the pizza and shared with him. But, he ate only one piece. I had to finish the rest. Once again, I was disappointed. It was nothing quite like a pizza. The dough was soft, not crispy. The sauce, which was a barbeque sauce was overly sweet. But it was generous with the chicken pieces.

Shortly after I finished my pizza and read a bit of newspaper, it was getting a bit noisy behind us. It was the Taiko Drum performance at the entrance of the Conservatory. It was loud, very loud but entertaining. There was a small crowd watching the performance.

After the Taiko Drum performance, we had about enough of the festival. Well, fortunately we always enjoy our visit to RTBG. So needless to say, today was a perfect day to spend at RTBG with the noise and crowd. On any other day, RTBA is a peaceful and quiet garden. If you have not been to RTBG, you do not know what you are missing out. So why not, make it a point to visit the garden at different season of the year.

As for the Spring Community Festival, I will give it a miss in the future. There is nothing to rave about. It doesn’t do much for me. But I am sure it does more for a lot of others that were there. They seem to enjoy themselves, especially the children.

6 responses to ““Weekend Foodtrail” at RTBG

  1. Thanks for the great description of the day Victor. I feel like I didn’t have to be there to have experienced it. Interestingly, I sent a guest from work there when he came to Reception to ask about what he could do or see in Hobart on a sunny Sunday afternoon. He returned last night quite sunburned but full of enthusiasm for the camaraderie of the community at the festival.

  2. BTW – isn’t it RTBG, not RTBA – for Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens?

    • Oops! LOL. You are right. Thanks. We must catch up soon. Hope you are enjoying your change of career. Cheers, Victor

  3. Hey I was there too and I had the rosti, like your partner. I wrote about the day on my blog ….http://vegetablevagabond.blogspot.com/

    I have moved to Cygnet from Adelaide and discovering some of the good food that can be grown and eaten here….. but nowhere will be as wonderful for food as Adelaide!

    Looking forward to meeting up with you one day, Victor. There are lots of bloggers around here, you will find some of them in my side bar.

    All the best,


    • Kate – thanks for dropping in. We are practically neighbours. Cygnet is indeed full of foodies and surprises, and let’s not forget Red Velvet Lounge and Lotus Eaters. Thanks for sharing your link.

  4. I think I would like something like this, as for most people it gives them something to do with the family. I guess there’s not many flowers, I only saw in one photo and it’s real nice.

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