Weekend Foodtrail

It was a hectic weekend. Our first weekend since we came back from Penang. Before we left on our holiday, we commissioned a builder and a couple of other contractors to renovate our cozy little house in Hobart. We will move in next Friday! Everything happens so quickly. It seems a long time living in the countryside of southern Tasmania – slightly over seven years! We have converted an old weatherboard house built in 1885 with 3 acre of land, mostly paddock into a modern landscaped garden country home with a spectacular view over the Huon estuary.

Now we are about to move back to a city surrounded by houses with neighbours left, right, front and back. But, with a savings of two hours commuting time to work each day we will have more time to ourself to do more things. The few things we have to trade off for the next chapter of our life is probably worth it.

We have been busy over the weekend and earlier in the week rushing to do some finishing touch to the house before we move in. We spent the weekend mowing the front and back yards of the house. The grass were so overgrown and neglected since the tenants moved out. It took me three hours to weeper sniped the grass to a manageable length before my partner could mow the lawn. So after a hard and busy weekend, we had to treat ourself with some good food.

Last night we had dinner at The Red Velvet Lounge. It was packed. All the tables were full. We had the last table. Unfortunately I did not have my camera. We went for four entrees to share, rather than an entree and a main, and a bottle of Leconfield Coonawarra’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 for $55 (plus another bottle to take home).

The first entree was a tender quail served with peas, bacon, mint and crumbled fetta cheese. The second entree was a plate of asparagus topped with deep fried duck egg and garnished with slices of parmesan and crunchy pangratatto. The third entree was angel hair pasta with generous serves of crabmeat in a garlicky and slightly spicy chili dressing with sprinkle of pangratatto. The last and highlight of the night was the Huon Salmon Whitebait serve with saffron aioli. The salmon whitebait was the best whitebait I have ever tasted, and a rare treat indeed. I do not believe there is another place in Hobart that offers such exquisite fresh local produce whitebait. There was plenty of whitebait to share among two people for an entree size. It is really worth the drive and trip to RVL just for the Huon Salmon Whitebait.

Today my partner and I went to Blue Eye at the Salamanca Place for a late lunch. The restaurant is located at the ground floor of a converted historic wheat silo building into a luxury apartment complex. This was my third visit to Blue Eye. The last two visits I went there for lunch with my colleagues, a short walk from my office. I had a seafood chowder the first time and a chili salt squid the second time. Both visits and meals were good, which make me want to go back again and again.

Today we ordered the seafood platter for two and a bottle of Bream Creek Riesling. The platter cost $80 which was very good value for a large serve of fresh Tasmanian seafood produce of char grilled blue eye, octopus, salmon and prawns, crumbled scallops, chili salt squid, battered fish, fresh oysters, abalone with mushrooms, mussels salad, a separate bowl of greek salad and potato chips, and three different types of dipping sauces. In my opinion, it is the best seafood platter in town! Good and fresh. A perfect balance of salad, seafood and chips. Normally I won’t eat chips, but I could not help myself with that bowl of chips. They were golden and soft on the inside. The char grilled octopus at some places that I have tried were usually tough and chewy, but Joff’s octopus was perfectly char grilled. There were plentiful, and they were all tender and juicy with a nice grilled flavour. The scallops and squids were a delight to munch one piece at a time. Each piece had a nice delicate seafood flavour. It was indeed a nice way of ending our week of hard work.

For those visiting Hobart, do not miss Blue Eye if you love a good Tasmanian seafood.

The building. Blue Eye is located at the right corner, ground floor of the building

One of the quirky artwork on the wall – old pages of music paper pasted into a fish.

The back room of the restaurant. We were the last to leave.

Seafood platter for two.



6 responses to “Weekend Foodtrail

  1. Victor I’m so envious of your weekends culinary adventures. Salmon whitebait certainly sound intriguing. The seafood platter at Blue-eye looks fantastic. With all the spring rain the grass is overgrown at the block, both dogs disappear. Unfortunately our brush cutter is being serviced, Rob can’t wait to get into iur or harf with it. Hope you enjoy your move into the city.

    • Ha ha, Marian. Not our dog. She hates the long grass. Our ride-on belt broke last weekend when my partner mowed the overgrown grass! Just got it fixed. Before we hand over the property to the new owner, we going to have to cut the grass one more time. Never ending with all the rain. LOL.

  2. Oh gosh a new house in the burbs! Back to the rat race – if there is such a thing in Tas..
    RVL sounds gorgeous as always… haven’t been there for sooooo long.
    My partner went to Blue Eye last week & thought it was very good value
    Cheers Victor!

    • It’s already a rat race against the time (before Friday), Mary. 🙂 Have not done much packing into boxes yet. Too much to think and organise But all will be fine in time for Christmas for good time and one week break. Hope you both are well. 🙂

  3. You’ve just eaten at 2 venues I truly would love to revisit Victor. Your meal at RVL sounds perfect, and I LOVE the seafood platter for two at Blue Eye. I think it’s excellent value, and a wonderful cross-section of Tasmania’s finest seafood. I have sent so many people to Blue Eye as I really believe in their product. Joff is a great operator. It will be lovely to have you both in the city, and I look forward to sharing the odd meal or two with you along with the ascerbic wit of Reb! x

    • Hey Rita – tried to call you one evening over the weekend. Think might be Friday. No answer. Glad you are getting well again, and in no time will be hitting all those wonderful eating places! Really look forward to catch up with you soon.

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