Merry Christmas 2010

Happy Christmas to everyone. Hope you had an absolutely fabulous time on Christmas Eve and Day with your family, friends and love ones, and plenty of wonderful gifts.

For us, we would have stayed at home with leftovers, if not for our dearest friends, Helen and Ted, invited us to their house to spend Christmas Day with them and their closest friends – 84 years old Irene who is still a joy to chat with, so much story and laughters, her lovely posh daughter, Lynn and partner, David. We spent last New Year’s Eve together, which I had posted here.

Both my partner and I are not traditional when it comes to Christmas. The stress and anxiety building up to Christmas can be too much for some. What to buy, prepare and cook, what to buy for love ones and others, fighting with other shoppers, finding a spot for parking, queuing up at cashier, and spending the credit cards to the limit. But for some it is a once a year get together with far distant family and friends.

But we had a great time yesterday. Ate a lot and drank a bit for me, which doesn’t take much for me to get pissed and tired. I had to crash at the couch for a little lie down before dessert. 🙂

We had a freshly caught Tasmanian crayfish (by Ted) cocktail with chilled shredded iceberg lettuce for entree, followed by roast turkey, roast Bok’s Leg of Ham, grilled turnips, sweet potatoes, blanched peas and carrots and Christmas pudding with custard for dessert.

A day of sharing love, joy, fun and laughters with family and friends

Crayfish cocktail

My dinner plate filled with carved Boks Ham, Turkey and plenty of vegetables

Lynn and David busy carving the Boks Ham and Turkey

Now, is getting ready to usher in the New Year 2011!


9 responses to “Merry Christmas 2010

  1. That sounds like a lovely, relaxing meal, and occasion Victor. I think the way you described the buildup to Xmas and Xmas dinner are all too true, and seem to lead to the biggest amount of stress in the world.
    As you get older, if you’re wise, you will use your past experiences in this matter, analyse the experiences, and inevitably come to the conclusion that is truly isn’t worth it. That’s when you pare it back to what really matters to you personally – and you end up with a great, relaxing but wonderful meal such as you seem to have had yesterday with Ted and Helen.
    Good on you! I hope your new year celebrations are also just as wonderful. Can’t wait to lunch with you at the new VN place in town too btw!

    • Thanks, Rita. Am happy to hear from you. That means you are getting better and resting.
      I bumped into the owner of “Sapa Rose” this morning. Someone I knew. So it’s going to be good for Hobart.

  2. Merry Christmas, Victor!

  3. Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year 2011 to you from Kuala Lumpur.
    Sydney was fabulous!!!

    • Glad to hear you and your family enjoyed Sydney! Have a wonderful time in Malaysia. Wishing you and your family an early festive New Year 2011, a happy and prosperous one! 🙂

  4. What a lovely gathering to be part of Victor. All over for another year!

    • Hi Mary – yes, certainly time has gone by so quickly. Glad to read that you and Stephen had a fun Christmas with your friends. Cheers!

  5. And a Great and Happy 2011.
    After the foie gras, oysters etc… we’ll be back to get great food in G.Town again. % days to go and then… Penang food here we come again!

    • Ha ha, JP. You’re as bad as me. Can’t get enough of Penang and local food. Happy New Year to you and your wife. Cheers, Victor.

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