“Weekend Foodtrail” with Victor

“What is it like living in the city?”

I have been getting this question when I see my friends for the first time after moving back into the city. And, same thing happened this morning at the Tasmanian Farm Gate market this morning.

I love it. It’s great. So convenient and easy. It’s surprisingly quiet except for my back neighbour’s barking dog. Lock in a garage when they go out! Animal cruelty! I cannot understand why people keep pet if they cannot care for them properly. Another neighbour’s screaming kids playing in the back. But, hey that is expected from living in the city with surrounding houses. If anyone moves into a city and expect total silence then they are in for a big disappointment. It is how we make most of the situation around us. So life back in the city is great.

Yesterday after more gardening at the back – more digging (the terrible dirt – no wonder nothing grows in the backyard), more preparation of the soil, more planting and more mulching…

From this:

To this work in progress (yesterday’s work):

I had my shower, then drove 3 minutes to a local barber shop – Celtic Barber. Had my first local haircut for $24, which took 15 minutes and a 2 minutes wait before one of the girl was free. So easy! Not a bad haircut either. The first question this young girl, called her Missy Barber if you may, asked me, “..what would you like?”

“Number one please all around the side and back..” I said.

“But, it will be short”

“yes, I like it short, “ I said

“..do you have any children?” Missy Barber asked. What in the world makes her think that I have a wife?!! LOL.

I said, “…nooooooo…, what about yourself?”

“Oh, hell no!”

“…and, why not?”

“…still young” was her response.

It never surprises me that stranger always assume that I am a married man with kids. Do I really look like one?? Maybe it has to do with aging gracefully with lots of grey hair. Coincidentally, I just read “The Sunday Age”, there was an article on Ken Carson (Barbie’s Ex) turning 50 this year! The changes he has gone through each decade of his life as a Toy Boy! 🙂 Well, I was thinking about the same of me. Shocking truth is I was born the same year as Ken. It’s shocking to see that my neck is starting to wrinkle. My partner had the nerves to say to me that I have a “turtle neck” now!! Not only that, I have chicken legs! Shocking mate! If he is not careful enough, he will soon find all his stuffs outside the front lawn!

Gheez…it’s hot sitting underneath a clear roof awning in my back deck. Hope I can stay long enough to finish this post.

Woke up this morning. All ready to hit the Sunday’s Hobart Farm Gate. Long overdue if you ask me. It was inspired by Madi Peattie. I remember her from my days running my restaurant, Melaka. She called me on one unexpected day while I was preparing for the next day trading. Introduced herself. At the time, she was the Event Coordinator for The Taste of Huon Festival. She asked me if I will participate and have a stall at the festival. That was 2007. Madi was very good in what she does. That was her first event for the taste of Huon, and it was a great success. Thanks to her and her encouragement. I had a stall there for the first time, and took the award for the best stall.

And, once again – Madi has done it. This time she has successfully created the first and real local fresh produce market in Hobart. I think it is less than a year old. Not sure when is the anniversary date. But I have always wanted to go and shop there on a Sunday. But living down south in the Huon Valley, 60-km from the city takes a lot of effort and encouragement for me to drive an hour there and an hour back to see and shop at the market. So I have never made it until now. Other bloggers have already blog about this market and happy tweeting since it started.

I got there at 9:30 am and it was already packed with people – early morning shoppers.

All the stalls specialise in local produces – fresh vegetables by the two Hmong stalls, fresh herbs, Bruny Island oysters, Grandewe Cheese, cherries, organic purple garlic, apricots, jams, honey, and few others – an area to sit down, mingle and relax with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and even a solo Cello player.

It was also lovely to catch up with a few fellow bloggers and food lovers – Hugo And Elsa, Hazel and Nigella, Jo Cook of C&C Cupcake Factory, and food connoisseurs of Food Tourist.

Bought a couple of cupcakes, cookies and brownie from C&C Cupcake Factory owned by partners, Jo and Michelle. It was lovely to take some home for an afternoon and evening tea. I had a pre-taste of each as I got home, but decided to hold off until tea time. They were sensational.

I also bought some lovely and fresh vegetables from the two Hmong stall for tonight’s cooking. Not sure what I am going to cook yet. I will need to visit the local supermarket later.

Another 45 minutes before our meeting with a friend for breakfast at Jean-Pascal down the road. Tick-tock, tick-tock….I was getting very hungry. Only had a cup of Milo in the morning before the market. The temptation on my kitchen bench with all the sugary sweets nicely displayed took over me! I had to take a bite of the cupcakes. I did it. One bite, then another bite.

About time. Walked down the street. At far distant towards the mountain the sky was changing and getting a bit darker. But it never rained.

10:45 AM. We got there before our friend. Place was empty. We were the first. Got a middle table with four chairs. Then another couple arrived, and another. All locals. I took my camera again. This time I remembered to take a couple of photos of the breakfast. The place has a good feel. It has two big windows with natural light coming through.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the breakfast, Le Grand, tasted the same as last week. I was really looking forward to a similar experience. But, they were a bit overdone – the eggs were a couple of minutes overcooked, the yolk was not runny, the grilled tomatoes was overcooked and lost the texture and firmness, the mushrooms were overcooked and dried and the potato galette was overdone as well. This was hopefully a one-off for me, and probably cooked by someone else.

I really like the place and will continue to support it.

If I am going to sit here underneath the awning any longer, I will probably pass out! Back inside to cool down with a big glass of icy chilled water.

7 responses to ““Weekend Foodtrail” with Victor

  1. Totally cute post Victor! Thank you for taking such beautiful photos of our cakes! Glad you enjoyed your day at the market. Hopefully we’ll see you both there as a regular.

    You have to try Maddie’s bacon and egg rolls at the market, bread, eggs, bacon and relish all supplied by stallholders. We order ours with extra mesclun and it’s so totally delicious and always perfectly cooked.

  2. Well you know what they say…

    If you can’t stand the heat…..

  3. It looks like your garden/backyard is coming a long great. I know it’s a lot of back breaking work, been there done that and still have to do it every year. That’s the life, I actually love it. 🙂

    The barber likes to make a small talk here also, I guess you look like a family man. I think it’s a compliment, not sure how you take it though. 🙂

    • Ha ha…thanks, Nye. A lot of weeds in the back though. They are notorious here – grow so quickly esp after lots of rain.

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