It’s Festival Time in Hobart

It’s that time of the year again – festival time in Hobart. Food, Art, Music, Entertainment. Started last Friday, the official opening of MONA FOMA 2011 at Prince Wharf No 1, Hobart waterfront.

MONA FOMA stands for Museum of Old and New Art, Festival of Music and and Art, or affectionately known as MOFO in short. This is the third year – more music and entertainment, and marks the opening of an independently funded museum, MONA by a self-made millionaire, David Walsh, a Tasmanian born, who made his money from professional gambling and a great entrepreneur who is very passionate about his art collection and music. MONA is going to be a huge success. The official opening of the museum, which is no ordinary museum, opens on Saturday 22 Jan. We were told – be prepared to be shocked with some of the arts in the museum. It is no ordinary museum. All the recent press releases have build up the greatest wait and anticipation in Hobart. I really can’t wait to see it, and be shocked and inspired by David’s museum and art collection.

The first time we went to MOFO was 3 years ago, the first festival on a weekend at the Moorilla Estate. It was an open concert and all performances were free. I remember it was a bit chaotic. It was hard to find parking. It was on a hot day, with no shades. But people have been warned to wear lots of sunscreen and hat. The food on offer was limited in the open concert area. The food at The Source (the main restaurant) was over packed with customers and the queue was an endless wait to buy some takeaway. But it was great fun with fantastic music and entertainment – all for free! Last year we didn’t go after the first year experience.

This year, their third is better organised – there are more venues, it’s bigger, more exciting and fun. We went to PW1 – the main venue for MOFO. It was packed with people but not overly crowded.

We saw Mikeangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen performance at the main stage inside PW1 building. Before that, we saw Puta Madre Brothers – a pseudo-Mexicans of rock, sol and Mexican folks music (they are Australian) at the Plaza Stage of PW1. Both performances were fantastic.

Keep your eyes on the man with a hat having a great time with his dancing. LOL.

The view from PW1 on a perfect blue sky day was an added bonus.

Next weekend biggest private party which opens to all and free admission is the official opening of MONA. From reading, the 3 days of music, art, food and entertainment will be better organised especially on how to get there. There is no excuse or fuss that it is hard to find a parking. There is the option of taking the ferry or a free shuttle from the Derwent Entertainment Centre. Or drive but be prepared to walk a distance. We still have not decided whether we will go or not. My preference is to take the ferry and dine at The Source, watch the live music, and visit the museum. But most of the ferry times were fully booked! Only a few left. Also, judging by the amount of publicity, it is going to be big and crowded. So for the faint hearted, maybe the weekend opening is not for everyone. Best wait for a few more weeks.

3 responses to “It’s Festival Time in Hobart

  1. Great to see you there yesterday Victor. Isn’t it wonderful that it’s free! It was a perfect Hobart summer’s day. Thanks to MOFO for allowing a collection for the Queensland Flood Disaster. $8000 raised over 2 days so far, Premier David Bartlett matching $ for $.

    Now for the Museum opening Victor. Bring it on!

    • Hey Mary – it’s was great to bump into you at the queue for a light snack. Hee hee. You look radiant in red. It was indeed a lovely Hobart weather. Today as well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheers!

  2. Thanks V. That’s a favourite colour of mine! love the video clips. well done on your embedding skills : ))

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