“Kong Xi Fatt Chai”

“Kong Xi, Kong Xi”

“Kong Hey, Kong Hey”

“Keong Hee, Keong Hee”

“HAPPY NEW YEAR” That is wishing you a very prosperous and happy Chinese New Year!

May the Year of The Rabbit brings you lots and lots of happiness, plentiful of wealth and fortune, great success in your career and good health.


I have not posted a new post for awhile, and it will be awhile before I get into swing again. But I did not want to miss this opportunity to wish all of you a great Chinese New Year on 3 February 2011. My life has been busy in the last couple of weeks:

– with work like everybody else, Monday to Friday

– with my new regime of exercising and swimming at a Fitness and Health Centre near my work

– with lots of walking in the weekend exploring the streets in my new neighbourhoood

– with reading the third and final book of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet Nest during my spare time

– with more discovery of eating places in the weekend, places that I have never been before

– with more discovery of great places of interest in the weekend

…that sums up a great time to enjoy my life back in the city. I have things to do, more things to do, and catching up with all the places that I wanted to visit and try in the small city of Hobart. Thus, the reason for not writing a new post for awhile.

I have things to share on places that I have visited. I will one day sit down, write and share with you.

For now, here is wishing you a very happy Chinese New Year once again. 🙂

10 responses to ““Kong Xi Fatt Chai”

  1. Kong Xi Fatt Chai! Remembering our very enjoyable New Year at the Bund with you & Steve. Off to the Me Wah this year. Wishing you health and prosperity for the year of the rabbit.
    Enjoy the city lifestyle.

  2. Victor – Happy New Year to you.. May this coming new year brings you good fortune and a healthy year.

  3. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Victor. Wishing you wealth, health, prosperity and joy this new year and all year round. I’ll be visiting your hometown in the middle of the year, looking forward to it.

  4. Kong xe fatt choi
    Wish you with good health, wealth and joyful new year

  5. Happy Chinese New Year Victor

  6. Happy Chinese New Year! And I’m glad the reason you’re not blogging is because you have a life; a great excuse! 🙂

  7. Happy CNY. Kung Hei Fat Choi.

  8. Happy New Year Victor

    A friend in Hong Kong was serving this last night.

    I think it would’ve been worth it to visit Melb Chinatown.

    “Tonight we will have CNY family dinner with lotus (for purity), ‘fat choy’ seaweed with dried oysters, pig knuckle, whole fish, whole chicken, mushrooms, prawns (which look like dragons), lettuce or greens (‘choy’ means money) and tong yuen sweet dumplings.”


  9. Happy Chinese New Year Victor.

  10. Hi Victor,
    noticed I changed my pic to the french farmer with wine and baguette? Not that I’m a frog but yes, when talking about western food, I’m really, deeply, seriously very much french food minded. Like when I’m in Pg, I’m really, deeply, seriously very much Pg food minded, if you got my drift.
    Thanks for your reaction on my Goh Huat Seng post. Hope you find time to answer my little question about the Pulau Tikus restoran.
    I’m in now for some home-made Chinese fondue… in a few days and cooked my way!

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