Sunday lunch at Garagistes

It was a rare treat in Hobart, at Garagistes for a Sunday lunch. A four hours six courses degustation with matching wines, selected and imported from France by Sue Dyson and Roger McShane.

The very talented chef, Luke Burgess and his partner, Katrina, owners of Garagistes with a third partner first opened the one of a kind restaurant in Hobart seven months ago. It is different with an open, industrial ambiance – casual, yet very smart at 103, Murray Street, Hobart. The place was an old Volkswagen garage converted into an open and slick restaurant with custom designed long communal tables and chairs, open bar and kitchen. It is the type of restaurant that you will find in any great cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and SOHO in London.

I have meant to go there many times since it was opened but never make it until this Sunday. Thanks to our friends who live in the Huon Valley. We have not seen them for over a year. They asked if we like to go for lunch at The Garagistes, a special event organised by Sue and Roger, importers of the most exquisites French wines in Australia. Sue and Roger organised this special event with Luke and Katrina to showcase the wines from Domaine Saint Nicolas, a 39 hectares family vineyard run by Thierry Michon, with the most incredible and creative dishes I ever had in Tasmania.

The place was packed with some familiar faces, including Dirk Meure, owner of D’meure Wine, Rodney and Severine Dunn of The Agrarian Kitchen, and of course, Sue Dyson and Roger McShane of Terroir Wines.

The first course was a blow torched jack mackerel crostini, shungiku vinegar, tarragon emulsion, young elderberries with matching wine, Domain St Nicolas Feifs Vendeens Gammes en May Rouge 2009.

Second course was poached gould squid, chawan-mushi, heirloom radishes, samphire, buckwheat, chicken salt with matching wine, Domain St Nicolas Feifs Vendeens Les Clous Blanc 2009.

Third course was Sanguinaccio, garagistes’ lardo, green tomato conserva with matching wine, Domain St Nicolas Feifs Vendeens Cabaret Rouge 2006.

This was the most exquisite sanguinaccio I ever had. It was heaven in my mouth when mixed with a bit of the green tomato conserva. Absolutely beautiful.

The fourth course was caramelised lamb breast plus grade 8 wagyu sirloin, bouillon, salsify, purple top turnips, kale with matching wine Domain St Nicolas Feifs VendeensCuvee Le Poire 2007.

The fifth and second last course was a Garagistes’ washed rind with carrot jam with matching wine, Domain St Nicolas Feifs Vendeens Le Haut des Claus Blanc 2007. This was really, really good. A cheese to die for.

The last and sixth course was a caraway and goat ice cream with buttermilk mousse, lachlan pears, marcona almond praline with matching wine, Domain St Nicolas Vin de Table Soleil de Chine Blanc 2009.

The dishes were served in a nice, earthy custom designed stoneware, or on a black granite tablet. It was a special and nice touch from a conventional round, rectangular or square white plate.

Garagistes is rated as one of the best and innovative restaurant in Tasmania. It is unique and interesting. Luke’s food is new, creative and exciting. The feeling that went through my mind and the sensation of the fine food inside the restaurant transformed me back to Sydney. It was hard to imagine that I was in the centre of Hobart CBD.

It was the entire experience at Garagistes – the food, the wine, the service, the ambiance, the communal tables and chairs, the dish’s stoneware, the wine glasses – that made my Sunday lunch one of the best I ever had in Tasmania.


13 responses to “Sunday lunch at Garagistes

  1. thanks for sharing Victor- what a lunch! Every course looks like a work of art!

  2. Wasn’t it wonderful. How could anyone top that experience, Victor. Having the winemaker from the Loire in the restaurant made it extra special indeed.
    Lovely to catch up with you again.

  3. Niiice photos, and review Victor .
    I wish I had a decent camera. What do you use?


    • Dillon – believe it or not. It is just a small 10.1 mega pixels Sony Cybershot DSC-T77. They have newer models now, which I am quite tempted to buy a new one.

  4. Hi Victor

    These are fabulous photos. I can’t believe you think you need a new camera!! I have never mastered the art of food photography – but yours always make my mouth water. The cheese and carrot jam – sensational. I’m sure the owners of Garagistes’ would be very pleased with your article.

    Cheers, Tania

  5. Wow the Tassie food scene is becoming quite impressive. How much did it cost Victor?

    • Hungry Boy, it was $130 for the six courses with the best French wines that I ever tasted. Sophisticated and smooth. All the wines were specially imported by Terrior Wine and can only buy through Sue and Roger. They were very generous with the wine and refilled our glasses when empty. Rare for degustation. Most places will only give a glass with each course. And, there was a lovely French Rose and other bottles for free tasting at the bar. The food and wine at that price was the best quality degustation value meal I ever had.

  6. Luke is an amazing chef. While I havent been to Garagistes (yet) I remember when he and Katrina used to do the food at Grand Ewe down the Huon. It was spectacular. I remember once going there and the parking lot looked like a European Car showroom – BMW’s, Alfas,Peugots, Audis, Mercs.

    • “European Car showroom – BMW’s, Alfas,Peugots, Audis, Mercs”
      LOL, that sounds like the place to be. You missed out on the MX5 convertible. 🙂
      My partner and I were very lucky to eat there on their last day at Pecora. And, Luke was kind enough to give us a table even though the kitchen was closed at 3pm.

  7. Hi Victor!
    what a fantastic write up of an absolutely lovely lunch! Dad and I were just saying that the company was delightful and topped off some truly delicious and inspiring food and wine. Nice to discover french wine with some joie de vivre!

    We only wish that we lived a bit closer to tassie and garagistes.

    • Thanks, Bree. Glad to meet you and your dad at the table. There are plenty for you to see in Tasmania on your next holiday trip. Cheers, Victor

  8. Hi, Victor, a well written & well deserved review for Garagistes. What an asset to Hobart it is. We are gradually growing up gastronomically here & I am enjoying the journey.

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