Living in Hobart..cycle track, harbour and a guided tour inside Bob Barker

I decided to go for a walk this Monday morning, a public holiday in Tasmania – the Eight Hours Day or more commonly known elsewhere as Labour Day in Australia. I am not sure why it was called the Eight Hours Day in Tasmania, so I googled and read that it was originated from an eight-hour movement during the industrial revolution in Britain, according to Wikipedia. I guess it has to do with granting workers the right to an eight-hour workday.

It was a lovely cool autumn Monday morning. I decided to take a walk to the cycle track alongside a railway track in New Town. I was initially planning to walk to the Royal Botanical Garden, but as I walked along the cycle track, I was interested to find out where the track will end.

It was a flat track with several cyclists, mum and dad with young kids, a few walkers like myself. The walk was easy. I was not tired or exhausted. The view was lovely with clear blue sky, calm water and the longest bridge in Hobart, The Tasman Bridge that interconnects the eastern shore suburbs with central district of Hobart and the greater south.






I walked past the Botanical Garden on the right, followed the cycle track underneath the Tasman Bridge and ended at the Cenotaph – Hobart War Memorial site. This was the first time I have set foot at the war memorial site. The surrounding view was stunning with Hobart CBD and Mt Wellington in the background, the huge harbour and a visiting cruise ship.








There was an inscription on the memorial tower, “The Malayan Emergency”. I imagine that had something to do with the Japanese invasion of Malaya in December 1941. The Australian Royal Air Force was based in Malaya at the time and help defended the country, together with the British. I could not find anything written on the history at the memorial site.

I continued my walk towards the main road, Davey Street. This is the main road leading into the city from Tasman Bridge. It is a four lanes one-way street connecting the Tasman Bridge to the greater south of Hobart – down the channel to the Kingsborough and Huon regional districts.

It took me an hour and a half walk to reach Davey Street. I decided to walk towards the harbour front to see the big cruise ship. But, behold in front of me was one of the ship owned by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, called Bob Barker. This would be more interesting than the cruise ship. I walked closer to the ship. Took some photos from a distant. Walked closer and saw that the ship was opened for a guided tour inside. It was a great opportunity being there at the right time.

In case you have not heard of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, you can visit their website here.

More photos inside the ship. We walked through the lounge room, was shown a short video of their mission in the open sea fighting against the big Japanese whaling ship in the Antarctic ocean, the dining room, the ship cockpit and the top with a helipad.

Bob Barker is here in Hobart until it sails in early May. The guided tour is open every weekend from now until May. This is a great chance for you to see the ship, listen and talk to the crew and their fight against whaling and their experiences in the open sea.

This was the first time I have entered a working ship. It was quite an experience. Some of the steps that lead from one level to the next was so steep and narrow that I wonder how it must be like in rough sea.

As I walked from the ship towards Constitution Dock, I saw a man fishing, and was reeling in something he caught. He was struggling with whatever that was giving him quite a fight. It was a big squid! I could not believe my eyes. The water must be very pristine to have such a beautiful squid. He already caught two and had them in his bucket.

On my walk home which took an hour, I walked past some historical and wonderful buildings. This is what I like most about walking. I can take in the sights around me that normally I would not have seen if I was driving.




5 responses to “Living in Hobart..cycle track, harbour and a guided tour inside Bob Barker

  1. Hi Victor, love this post. I’d love to walk that walk when I come to Hobart. Cheers, Emily

  2. Victor, I love the show “Whale Wars on Animal Planet” and been watching it for the past couple seasons. Hats off for those folks that are trying to save the whales from being harvest. The weather looks awesome there.

    • Seeharhed – it was a beautiful day, more like summer in Hobart. A bit late to say the least. But autumn is the best time here.

  3. It’s great to see my home town, through your fresh eyes. Victor, take the bike track towards the northern suburbs and it will take you all the way to MONA. Long walk but great little bike ride. Enjoying your blog, been lurking here for a while.

    • Annie – thanks. I have been thinking about buying a bike since that walk. But hope it does not end in the shed collecting dust and cobweb. 🙂

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