Foodtrail in Penang 5

This is my last post in Penang. One week in Penang. So soon and so fast. I will spend my last night in Penang before catching my flight at 7am from Penang to Kuala Lumpur and onwards to Melbourne. I had a great time. Quite leisure and relax and not doing too much. Limited shopping on this trip except buying myself a few linen and cotton trousers which were 60% – 70% discounted.

Yesterday, I took mum and sis to the Ocean Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant. My partner and I were initially planning to take them there last Friday before my partner left Penang. He loves the mantis prawn in salted egg yolk sauce and soft shell crabs so much that he wanted to have them again before he leaves. Unfortunately, there was a huge storm and we had to cancel the trip. One other reason was that I was queueing up for 4 hours in the morning, started at 9:45 am at an authorised Apple dealer, SWITCH, in Queensbay Mall for the launch of iPad2. So, it was a bit rush to pick my mum and sis for lunch in a stormy weather. My partner was disappointed, which I have to make up on the next trip to Penang. I was happy because I got my iPad2 in white after 4 hours standing in line. I was lucky that I managed to get one, which was the second last 64g in white. It was a big saving of almost AUD$300 if I were to purchase in Australia.

I digressed a bit there. Back to lunch with mum an sis yesterday. The Ocean Batu Maung revisited.

I ordered the following dishes – mantis prawn in salted egg yolk, guinness stout chicken, “tau mew” with salted fish, steamed cod cutlets and curry fish for a total price of MYR$154.40 including a pot of pu-erh chinese tea. All the dishes were absolutely delicious. They were very good. The only slight disappointment was the mantis prawn. This one lacked the aroma and saltiness than the first time I had it. It was also quite dry. I found out from the waitress that this was cooked by a different chef in the kitchen.

The Head Chef in his bright yellow gumboot. 🙂 I had the chance to look inside. The kitchen is huge, clean and organised. Good sign of a good restaurant.

“Tau Mew” with salted fish. MYR$10 (AUD$3.50). I am not sure the name of “tau mew” in English. I think it is some kind of a sprout family.

Guinness Stout Chicken. MYR$35 (AUD$12). Last time, my partner and I were going to try this dish but we had already ordered 4 dishes between us. We were intrigued by the name Guinness Stout. So this time I had to order it to try. It was Very Good! Who would have thought of using GS as the main sauce ingredient.

Steamed cod cutlet in light soy, garlic and ginger sauce, garnished. MYR$35 (AUD$12).

Curry fish with okra. MYR$39 (AUD$13)

Mantis prawns with salted egg yolk. MYR$48 (AUD$16)

7 responses to “Foodtrail in Penang 5

  1. Glad you liked your short stay, Victor. yes, I know it’s short. We also come to Penang for a week on each trip. But then again, we try to make 4 or 5 trips a year. BTW, I’m preparing a post about the touristic food area of Brussels’ “Ilot Sacré” with some suggestions for great food while avoiding the tourist traps. Coming soon by same author on same website. Cheers.

  2. Hello Victor, glad to see you’re back in Penang and having a great time with your family. Once again, I’ve enjoyed reading your humorous/informative posts which give me some idea on what to expect when I go there in a few months’ time especially the driving!!! It’s that bad huh? I can’t believe the iPad2 is sold cheaper in Msia? AUD$300 is a huge saving, yes, you’re very very lucky! The white iphone 4 only came out last week in the UK. I’ll be sure to check them out when I’m in KL. Have a safe trip back to Melbourne. All the best, Emily

    • Thanks, Emily.
      Oh, yes driving in Penang is utter madness. But not impossible.
      Some Apple products and accessories are slightly more expensive in Msia, like iPhone and iPad smart cover compare to Aust.
      Hope to hear your experience when you’re back in Msia for next holiday.
      Cheers, Victor

  3. All good things come to an end.
    Hope those feasts keep you going for a while on your return.

  4. Victor, isn’t “tou meu” snow pea sprouts?

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