No Dog Allowed!!

No dog allowed at the Meadowbank’s restaurant.

It was just a month ago that we were at the restaurant, and had a wonderful experience with the food, wine and service. You can read it here. This time round, after a lovely afternoon drive to Richmond and a casual stroll around the village with our scottish terrier, “Bonnie”, we decided to make a stop at Meadowbank for a late lunch.

It was 2:15 pm Monday 13 June – a public holiday, The Queen’s Birthday. The restaurant looked busy inside, but with only 2 small tables outside at the back patio. The staff looked very unhappy and a bit stressed out. Not sure why. The reception was not as warm and friendly as my first visit. I stood there for a couple of minutes. One of the guy eventually asked how he could help. I asked for an outside table for two. I told him that we have our little scottie terrier. His immediately reply was, “NO!”. I was a bit disappointed. I went outside to tell my partner who was waiting with wee “Bonnie”. The answer was “No”. Why “No”? I could not understand. They have a big back patio.

It was a big open space. We decided to test the water. I went back inside and asked for a table outside. I was taken to a table, sat down and had the menu. I decided to move to another table with more sun and away from the other two smaller tables of customers (who had finished their meals).

While I sat at the table waiting for my partner and Bonnie. They were walking around the outside of the restaurant with full view that the inside customers could see them both. My partner could see the customers were delighted to see Bonnie in her tartan coat and gave them a smile. Who wouldn’t? Bonnie is such a lovely scottie dog, especially when she was dressed up in her tartan coat. We were in Richmond prior to that showing her off, and she got lots of attention from several people.

Bonnie admiring the rustic metal furniture and bicycles in Richmond main street

We had Bonnie on a lead and tied the lead around one of the outdoor wooden bench’s leg. A young boy and girl came and said hello to Bonnie. Patted her and had a little chat. We waited for someone to serve us. 5 minutes gone past. 10 minutes still no service. I am sure the FOH staff could see us from inside. I told my partner that we were not being served and probably not wanted there with Bonnie. We decided to leave. On a hindsight, I was glad we left, and just saved us $120 – $150 which we might have spent on the food and wine.

If they don’t allow dog, why not have a “No Dog Allowed” sign at the restaurant?

Meadowbank can definitely learn something from Peppermint Bay, which has big open space with outdoor seatings. PB is not only better with their outdoor dining facilities, but with better view and better service. PB is family and children friendly, and dog friendly with plenty of fresh water for the dogs.

So if you are a dog lover and intend to take your dog on an outing on a lovely day, make sure you head South, not East of Hobart. You will find that you, your family and pet/s are more welcome and treated like a real guest at Peppermint Bay, then at Meadowbank.

View from our table inside the pub section of Peppermint Bay

 We were at Peppermint Bay a couple of weeks ago for a Sunday late afternoon lunch. I wished we had brought our Bonnie with us. She would have loved it. It was a lovely sunny day. I have meant to blog about the food we ate on that Sunday – Lamb Shoulder on Bone and Spring Bay Mussels. They were one of the best Sunday afternoon meal we ever had at PB, and it won’t be the last I can tell you.

I had to take my partner there after my last visit at PB with the girls from Sydney, on my birthday. I called and booked a table with Ben, and had one of the best table next to the window overlooking the Channel. The service was top class, not snobbish, but warm and friendly and yet not too intrusive and we still have our little privacy. We were served by Whitney. After two weeks, I still remember the professional service shown to us by Whitney. She was gracious with big and friendly smile, and made our dining experience very special.

For me, a great experience with FOH service is worth a lot, probably more than the food. Because, even if the food is great, I would never go back again if the FOH service is bad, or stuck-up in some cases. At Peppermint Bay, they have a successful formula with the food, the service and the price. This is far different from what it used to be a couple of years ago. My partner and I both agree that PB is now more relax, casual and friendly than what it used to be. We have not try the main dining room yet.

The food – Spring Bay Mussels in white wine and tomato based garlicky sauce for $20.

The slow cooked lamb shoulder on bone served with buckwheat and mint salad, yoghurt and fresh lemon. This dish can feed two to four people! At $67, it was good value for money. It was huge and lasted us 3 days! That’s right. We took home the rest. We could not finished the whole lamb. It was the best lamb I ever had. A bit of yoghurt and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Ah…I can taste it now.

I used some of the leftover lamb for fried rice the next day. I shredded some of the meat off the bone.

PB’s lamb shoulder fried rice with egg, bok choy, spring onion, yellow and red chilies, onions, garlic and sambal chili paste.

My fried rice ingredients

My spicy lamb fried rice served with homemade panang chicken curry dish on the side


4 responses to “No Dog Allowed!!

  1. Victor is right. It’s not like our little dog is “a smoker”.

    Heck, she doesn’t even bark.

    She was quite happy to just sit outside quietly and be adored by the other patrons but the FOH staff wouldn’t have it.

    F**k ’em, we’ll take our well earnt cash somewhere else….

  2. Mind you, in saying that…..

    They might’ve been having a busier day than they expected…

    It was a public holiday, and very nice weather, and they might have been understaffed and not prepared for more people than they anticipated…

    We all have shitty days. Maybe this was just theirs…


  3. Can imagine Bonnie with a big fat cigar! Maybe on a quieter day when FOH less stressed…

  4. Wow! this looks great you should Watch Extreme Chef Airing tonight. I suggest you try and get on the show.

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