Africa in Hobart

Did anyone go to the African festival at the City Hall? That was several weeks ago now. On a Saturday 28th May. Again, we were fortunate to experience the diversity and culture of the few different countries in the second largest continent in the world – Africa, here in Hobart city.

The front facade of Hobart City Hall

Inside the grandeur City Hall

My partner spotted an advert in the morning local newspaper. The article was so miniscule that you would probably need a magnifying glass to notice it. Lucky us.

It was a beautiful sunny day with crisp cold air and gentle winter breeze. We decided to walk. Took 45 minutes to reach City Hall. As we entered the hall, it was already buzzing with lots of different sounds – human noises, laughters, children running around enjoying themselves, and on stage a group of young men doing rap. A few information and craft stalls were set up on one side of the hall. On the other side were a row of authentic African food stalls.

It was really fun. Everyone was smiling. The hall was big enough that it was not overly crowded. There were ample seats set up for people to watch the many different cultural performances of our little African community. It was indeed a joyous and lively event. Fun, Fun, Fun.

The chorus girls – such beauty and lovely sounds

I looked around the few food stalls and decided to try the Ethiopian stall – a large tasting plate for $15 served on top of a Ethiopian traditional bread.

I did not expect a large to be so large. It was enough to feed two people. The dishes included spicy chicken curry with a hard boiled egg, meat stew with spices, silverbeet with other vegetables, fried potatoes, yellow split pea curry and orange split pea curry. It was quite a treat and experience with the food. The traditional Ethiopian bread was light and soft. It was a nice way of mixing with the other dishes and hand pinched the dishes with a bit of the bread and into the mouth.

If you have missed the African Festival this year, make sure you marked in your calendar for next year. This is a fantastic way of enjoying, sharing and experience the food and culture of a range of diversity in our own little city of Hobart. The African people are lovely, friendly and beautiful.

One response to “Africa in Hobart

  1. Yeah that plate looks really yummy with all the fixing. I know we don’t have any like that in the states.

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