Being Spontaneous

It’s one of those day  – after a busy Saturday cooking for my visiting brother and his teenage daughter and almost adult son last night, I am just so over it! I mean cooking and entertaining can be fun, but the selfish side of me is telling me that I have wasted my Saturday from doing other things. So, after waking up this Sunday morning and ironing all my shirts, I have decided to go out for a walk with my partner. But, where to??

We live in the best part of Melbourne city. Initially, we both thought that Docklands is a pretty “dead” and soul-less inner city suburb. But, we were wrong. Now that we have moved in and lived here for 3 weeks, we absolutely love it. It is quiet and yet so close to the city – 5 minutes walk. Docklands in divided into the north and south part of Docklands with the Yarra River as the dividing line. It is easy to get to either sides  with ample open public space for walking and cycling, or catching a Tram.

We live on the south side and decide to go for a walk to the north side, where there is a factory outlet mall – Harbour Town, and the largest hyperstore “Costco”. It was a typical winter weather – a light sunshine with a mix of shower and cold wind.

Crossing the pedestrian bridge over the Yarra River

Looking back towards Yarra’s Edge marina

The ANZ HQ on the Yarra’s Edge

Water sculpture on Victoria Harbour

Gateway to Harbour Town

Looking for a bargain – come to Harbour Town

Consumerism of America taking over Harbour Town. It was unbelievably massive! People have trolley load of consumer goods from household products to fresh product to processed food! If you have a big family or planning a big party or maybe just a passionate “hoarder” of products – you will definitely love Costco!

Wow! They all look so good…and, so cheap! Shoppers will go crazy here and buy things which they probably don’t need at all! Thank goodness, I am not a Costco member. Just went in to have a sticky beak.

After an amusing experience watching Costco shoppers going crazy in the massive warehouse, it was time to have a bite to eat. We went to a small Malaysian cafe at Habour Town – Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam.

It was a simple and humble takeaway cafe. I ordered a nasi lemak with curry chicken ($9.90) and a Malaysian “teh tarik” – hot tea with condensed milk ($3.50). My partner ordered a seafood Char Koay Teow ($12.90). The only negative comment I have for the food was that the “nasi lemak” (fragrant coconut rice) with side condiments of “acar” (nyonya pickled vegetables), fried anchovies with peanuts, curry chicken and sambal was lukewarm and cold. The dishes were served from a bain-marie. I would have preferred the dish to be served hot. The good thing was that the food was good and authentic. The curry chicken was the most authentic Malaysian curry chicken I have ever tasted in Australia! It reminded me of the curry chicken served with “nasi kunyik” (yellow “turmeric” rice) in Penang. My partner’s char koay teow was one of the best I have tried so far. It had enough wok fried flavour with generous amount of bean sprout. The only missing ingredient was the smell and fragrant of a pungent chili paste associated with a traditionally char koay teow.

After a hearty Malaysian meal, we were wondering where to next. We wandered our way back towards Victoria Habour.

I suggested to my partner that we should catch the free tourist City Circle tram to Flinder station and visit the weekend opening of a $135.8 million redevelopment of the Hamer Hall. 

Waiting for the City Circle tram

Inside the hertiage tram. Love the sound and noise of the old tram compare to the faster, newer and modern tram

Disembarked at the busiest intersection in Melbourne CBD – at Flinders Station

The newly reopened Hamer Hall, which was first opened to the public in 1982

The giant size “Dame Edna” gladioli sculpture to officiate the reopening of Hamer Hall

Inside the Hamer Hall

The VIP celebrity room – previously hosted the late Lady Diana. It was surreal to be able to see this very special room on this opening day

Next there was a long queue to see the “Dressing Room 34”

Topping up our experience at the reopening of Hamer Hall, there was a live band playing at the main concourse area and a Tasmanian’s Boag beer each.

And, we called it the day after existing at the new entrance / access area facing the riverfront with great view towards the city.

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