It is nice to be away, but also nice to come back. I guess I am no different from everyone else who likes to travel. Before I arrived back in Melbourne, I was a bit concern that I was going to miss Penang. But, I guess I was not, and that it is nice to be back in Melbourne. Both places are unique and special.

I guess over time, I will start to miss Penang again for its food, the changing faces of George Town – street arts, heritage and architecture, boutique shops and accommodations, and most importantly the living culture and festivities of the place which makes Penang such a wonderful and special place to visit and to live. Here in this post, I highlights some of the things I have done, seen and visited from my last trip.

The culture…the Chinese Clan Houses,…”The Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi”

The temples,…”The Kuan Yin Temple”

The Chinese Clan Jetty,…Looking towards the other clan jetties from the “The Lim Jetty”

The fishing villages,…Pulau Betong Fishing Village near Balik Pulau

The hair saloon,…One of the last remaining all women hair saloon for men at Chulia Street.

And, the Indian barber.

The wet market,…the heritage listed “Campbell Street Wet Market”

Little India in the heart of George Town.





In the next posts, I will feature the food, the beach, the street arts and increasing popularity of heritage boutique accommodations in Penang captured from my last trip.

4 responses to “Penang

  1. I look forward to the next post as I will be in Penang in 2 weeks. Sadly only there for one night, but I can’t wait!

    • Hi Bri, thanks. One night in Penang is not enough. Hopefully you are staying in the heart of George Town for the best cultural and food experience. Then, go back for for a longer visit. πŸ™‚

      • Staying at Hotel Penaga which seems to be pretty central (I hope!)
        I wish I could stay longer but it’s the way that things worked out for this trip. Not enough time to do much but eat – and I plan to be doing lots of that! πŸ™‚
        Next time I will stay longer for sure.

        • Bri, That is within walking distance to most places – walking tour along Muntri St, Love Lane, Little India, Armanien St. and so much more. Enjoy!

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