Indonesian street food in Federation Square

Indonesian food must be the flavour of the month in Melbourne. Lately I have been coming across Indonesian food  stalls, Indonesian Festival and more Indonesian stalls even at a Malaysian Food Festival last weekend at the Queen Victoria Market. As part of Melbourne Festival there is authentic Indonesian food carts specially flown in from Indonesia to showcase Indonesian street food.

I came across some of these food carts at the Federation Square today. They are certainly authentic in my view, as that is not something we get to see in Australia at all. It would be nice if that becomes a permanent food features in Melbourne.

I was there earlier in the day, but saw empty carts. There was a sign board explaining each of the food cart, but nothing on the time when the stalls will be opened. Determined to stay around until they are opened, I wondered around and along the Yarra River and went back to check again later in the afternoon about 5 pm. I was glad they were opened and had a small crowd. I guess not many people knew about this unless you are out and about at the Federation Square.

I tried the Bekso mee with deep fried wonton, stuffed beancurd and meat balls for $10. I guess it was as good as we can get here in Melbourne. The Bekso stall was setup by the Indonesian restaurant, The Uleg on Sydney Road in Brunswick.

Earlier in the day, my partner and I took a tram to Sydney Road, Brunswick. I have been there once for a music festival, which I have posted here. But, my partner has never been there. Sydney Road is a long road, stretching across a few suburbs to the north of Melbourne. Unfortunately, Sydney Road in Brunswick recently has got all the news for a wrong reason. There was a young, beautiful woman who was abducted while walking home early in the morning about 1:30 am by a man, who raped and murdered her. It really shocked the whole community who lives in the area.

Brunswick and further north Coburg have an eclectic community which is slowly being gentrified by new businesses and young professionals moving into the area. Further north of Sydney Road in Coburg has the middle eastern community with Turkish, Lebanese, Arab shops and authentic groceries selling imported goods from the middle eastern countries. We came across a Turkish restaurant which we had a light snack which only costs us $17! It was the cheapest lunch we have had between both of us.

We even came across an authentic, ethnic middle eastern grocery shop which I find most interesting. This is the first time I have ever been to a local middle eastern community in Australia. It is indeed a pleasant, cultural experience.

Back about Indonesian food, I have only been to a couple of Indonesian cafes in Melbourne. There are a few more that I would like try in the coming months living in Melbourne. But, one of my favourite is Blok M in Little Bourke Street, which I have previously posted here. I went back with my partner last weekend and we both have a bowl of the most authentic street food that I would have forgotten I was actually in Melbourne, and not Jakarta.

5 responses to “Indonesian street food in Federation Square

  1. Ah, Melbourne gets actual “kaki lima?!” (Kaki lima, or five legs, are the names of those carts in your photos; why five? three for the cart, two for the person wheeling it around) Granted, Melbourne is a short hop from much of Indonesia, but I’d like to see those things much more often in NY! Also, a nickname for nasi goreng, fried rice, is “nasgor.” Looks good regardless.

  2. Christian Rene Friborg

    Asian food! Gotta love ’em!

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