Bored with Green Beans

Is green bean boring? I guess it can be, but it doesn’t have to be like any other vegetable. I find it bland and quite tasteless, but I like the texture and its crunchiness especially when it is fresh.

I had some left in the fridge. A few days old. I was bored and didn’t know what I want to cook. I was thinking maybe blanch the beans or stir fry with garlic. But, that will be boring. Typically I like to mix my vegetable with either meat or seafood for added flavour. It doesn’t have to be boring. But, I didn’t have any meat or seafood in the fridge. What can I do? Think, think, think. I have some garlic and onions sitting in a small tray for a couple of weeks now. I took one of the red onion. Cut in half but disappointed. It was not fresh. Out in the bin. I peeled 3 cloves of purple garlic. Still good.

But, garlic alone was not enough. Boring! Ah hah! I have some frozen fresh red chillies and kaffir lime leaves. I took 1 frozen red chilli and 3 frozen kaffir lime leaves, and chopped them finely.

I searched my fridge again. Found a jar of “belachan” or prawn paste that I have prepared and jared few months ago. I scooped one teaspoon from the jar and placed on a plate. Next, what about seasoning. Salt and sugar?? Maybe. Guess not. Again, I searched my fridge and found a bottle of salted soybean paste tucked at the back of the fridge. The dish flavour is coming together in my mind now. The soybean paste works well with belachan.

Now I have all my ingredients and ready to cook.

To cook, I had a non-stick saucepan. Added 2 tablespoons of cooking oil once the pan was heated. Tossed in the ingredients – garlic, chilli, kaffir lime leaves and belachan. Fried the ingredients until fragrant. I could smell the beautiful, aromatic flavour of the lime leaves and belachan and the stingy chillies wafting into my nose. Next, add the soybean paste, combined and continue to fry. Then the green beans. Tossed the beans a few times, and add a spoonful of starch mixture to give the dish a bit of gloss finishing and coating.

20121115-194159.jpg This dish is so simple, and only took 15 minutes to cook. So, green beans don’t have to be boring agian. 🙂


2 responses to “Bored with Green Beans

  1. I could go for that 🙂

  2. Christian Rene Friborg

    Excited to do this recipe!

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