Polish Festival

Last week, it was the Diwali Festival at Fed Square. This week, it was the Polish Festival. Melbourne is a true melting pot of a multi cultural society in Australia. There was an Irish Festival as well on the same day at the Immigration Museum, but it costs $10 entrance fee. The Polish festival was free in an open public space. I was really hoping to experience both cultural events, but could only fit one in as I had an unexpected stop on my way to Fed Square. There was a dragon boat race in front of the Wharf Hotel across from the South Wharf Promenade. I made my way down to the boat ramp and sat next to the very brown Yarra River and watched the race. This was the second time I have seen the dragon boat race on the Yarra water. It was nothing in comparison to the international dagon boat race in Penang, which is huge and very loud.




20121118-181627.jpg After an hour watching the race, I decided I had enough and made my way to Fed Square. Along the way, my fingers could not resisit more photo opportunities. I never get bored walking along the river promenande and my eyes tend to see the same place each time but at a different angle.




20121118-182541.jpg I hope he is still alive!

20121118-182648.jpg Underneath the historic Sandridge railway bridge which is now a pedestrian and cyclist bridge.

It was busy at Fed Square with a good number of stalls and lots of Polish speaking people. This was my first cultural experience to everything Polish, here at Fed Square in Melbourne. I was very excited.

20121118-183505.jpg I quickly made my way to all the food stalls. It was very crowded. I think the entire community came out to enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather, culture and atmosphere. I didn’t know what to expect of the Polish food. Almost stall after stall sells sausages, cakes and sweets like donuts, and then I saw dumplings! Dumplings? I said to myself quietly. That I have got to try. It comes either with potatoes and cheese or sauerkraut and meat – Krysia’s Pierogi. There was a long queue. I had to sample the food eventhough I was extremely full from an earlier lunch of Vietnamese’s beef lemongrass and chillies vermicelli noodle at a local Vietnamese cafe.


20121118-184752.jpg $6 for four pieces of dumplings. That was cheap. It was umm nice, smooth and silky with the dumpling coated with probably some olive oil and the fillings were mildly flavoured. It was definitely different from the Chinese dumpling, which has more punch and flavour. I found a bench and sat next to a middle aged Polish woman and her husband. She was wondering if I was enjoying my dumplings and also suggested that I should try the Polish donuts which has sour plum jam inside.


20121118-185840.jpg I had several bites before I tasted the sour plum jam. I love the donut which was made from yeast. It was soft and not too sweet. I have been having a crave for donut for awhile and each time I walk passed Krispy Kreme, I had to turn a blind eye and keep walking. I was very pleased that I had the Polish sour plum jam donut for only $3.

20121118-190354.jpg Back to the main stage for sone culture shows.




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  1. So grab your picnic baskets and head on down to Tasman Park for a day at the races.

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