There and Back

It was a hectic time in the past few weeks for me. Been to Kuala Lumpur for work and a weekend rest in Penang. Now, back in Melbourne for one week, I am finally settling back into my daily routine.

When I was in Kuala Lumpur, or better known as KL, it was busy working at a client site. It was challenging, at the same time interesting to work back in Malaysia and with Malaysian. It seems like I have never left the country. Malaysians are so friendly, even in the workplace. I was fortunate that my company put me up in a nice, big hotel – Sunway Resort Hotel, next to a giant shopping mall and a water amusement park. There was no time for fun. I was there for work, but managed to squeeze in a nightly routine of window shopping next door at the mall. That was the only time I get some retail therapy.

On arrival at Sunway Resort late Monday night, the congested and narrow access road leading to the hotel was streaming with Christmas lighting from one side of the street to the other side all the way to the hotel. It was OTT (Over the Top) with the colourful lights flicking away, almost blinding my eyes! It was like a mini Vegas of a Malaysian proportion with a mix of Egypt and Safari Park gargantuan statues fronting the entrance.

The highlight for me at the hotel was the lush tropical garden and trees surrounding the lagoon like swimming pool with my daily international buffet on the same level. It was wonderful listening to the waterfall splashing into the pool. P1080171




After a long week and a half working in KL, I took a side trip to my hometown, Penang and visited my family and partner. It was a very short break, but nevertheless, it was nice to be home and eating the food I missed most, and wondering the streets of old George Town.


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