Countdown to 2013

It’s almost the end of 2012. Forget about the end of Mayan calendar 20121212, and the craziness of the doomsday that never was. The fact is we are still here. In 3 days we will welcome the new year 2013.

I have been cyber paralysed for a week without a wifi connectivity while on holiday here in Penang. To make it worse, I forgot to bring my USB camera cable. Hence, no post and no photos until I am back in Melbourne at the beginning of January 2013.

Fortunately I found out a wifi spot where I am staying.  I have a few photos taken the week before I left Melbourne for Penang.

P1080454 P1080455 P1080456 P1080458Stevenson Laneway – off Chinatown’s Little Bourke Street. An interesting find with a few Chinese dumpling and noodle shops and the outdoor cafe with wall mural painting.

The weather was still nice and warm late one weekend evening. It was a good time to walk along the Yarra River in Southbank and South Wharf Promenade for the city night lights and the multi hue sunset of a blue and orange sky. 

P1080503P1080513 P1080518P1080494 P1080520 P1080525

2 responses to “Countdown to 2013

  1. Great photography Victor. I got to enjoy Melba vicariously ~ enjoy Penang. Happy 2013!

    • Thanks, Mary. Weather in Penang surprisingly has been lovely. Some very mild summer weather with breezy wind and cooler evenings. Wishing you and Stephen a happy and prosperous 2013. Cheers, Victor

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