Breakfast with Mum

Enroute on foot to mum’s place after alighting at a nearby bus stop, there was a sense of noise and crowd with narrow road and cars and motorbikes slowly edging their way to the markets.  A large open air food court – Super Tanker – was packed with morning shoppers and hungry customers to eat at one of the 30 plus hawker stalls inside and along the street pavement, selling all the famous Penang street food. It was food seduction at its best in true Penang local lifestyle.

P1090247 P1090249 P1090250P1090254P1090276P1090279There are three wet markets in the area – a newer and larger wet market which is set a few blocks from the other two smaller and older wet markets. All three markets are within walking distance from mum’s place. Where there is a wet market, there is an open air food court and a few coffee shops.

Mum is the best local tourist guide anyone can ask for. She knows most of the stall owners. She told me the “Char Koay Kak” (fried raddish cake) was good. I had to sample a plate which cost only Malaysian Ringgit $2.50, or less than AUD$1!P1090259 P1090260P1090263P1090265 In each of my trip back to Penang, the must have street food for me is “Char Koay Teow”, “Char Koay Kak”, “Koay Teow Teng” and “Loh Mee”.

I shared another two dishes with mum – a bowl of “Koay Teow Teng” and a small plate of “Roti Canai” with curry dipping sauce.P1090270 P1090275 P1090269

It was a lovely memory to remember – Breakfast with Mum, a rare and precious occasion.

6 responses to “Breakfast with Mum

  1. Victor, this is the best heading ever. Your mom is elegant. Next time, Lunch with Mom and Dinner with Mom. 🙂 I love the chicken photos!

    • LOL! Thanks, Emily. Btw, those were fresh ducks after de-feathered, washed and hung to dry before going into the portable row of ovens to become roast duck (“siow ark”). Yummm…next trip I will try them.

  2. Haha, they are actually ducks, not chooks, haha!

  3. Hi again Victor. What an amazingly small world! Hope you can recall the last time that I wrote in your blog on Food of Penang ,Pt2,the part about reminiscing the good old days in WPS- our old alma mater and the fact that your mom lives in Lip Sin Gardens ? Guess what?..was in your blog again today, saw your mum’s pic and. I happen to know her quite well…she happens to be our friendly neighbor for the past 25 years and lives just a few floors up in the same apartment block. She’s a familiar sight with your late dad (lovey dovey couple) in his white toyota starlet during the early days.
    Hope we can meet up some day when you’re back in Penang again,we could bring out your mum for some chow together. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your interesting blog.

    • Wow! What a coincidence! Yes, I do remember you, Freddy. I will have to let my mum know about this. LOL. I will let you know when I go back to Penang again, most likely in Sept.

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