Kong Xi Fatt Chai

Kong Xi Fatt Chai! Kong Hey Fatt Choy! Keong Hee Huat Chai! and Chuc Mung Nam Moi!…wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year (and Vietnamese New Year) of the Snake. May the year 2013 of the water snake brings you and your family an abundance of happiness, good health, success and fortune!

P1100300P1100304P1100307P1100309 P1100333

This weekend Melbourne celebrated the year of the snake with over 40 stalls at the Crown Riverwalk with food and cultural performances – from Beijing opera to the all girls Lotus Flower Dragon Dance. But, the highlight for me was the sensational Chinese Soprano Shu-Cheen Yu who sang traditional Chinese folk songs to Ave Maria her all time favourite. I even had one of her CD – Lotus Moon from years back.  P1100338P1100339 P1100358P1100371

Some video clips from the Crown Riverwalk’s Chinese New Year 2013 Hawker Bazaar festival….

Chinese Soprano Shu-Cheen Yu and The Dragon Tenors

The All Girls Lotus Flower Dragon

Beijing Opera

Breathtaking Pyrotechnic Show


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