Singapore by Night

Singapore by Night – that is what Singapore is good at. Showing off her buildings, river and harbour with glistening lights shimmering from afar with jaw dropping architectural glassed buildings soaring into the sky.

My plan was to go to the Chinatown for a bit of exploration – being the Autumn Festival (a.k.a the Mooncake Festival) and Hungry Ghost Festival, I was hoping to see some interesting lanterns, mock up stage with Chinese opera and altar worshipping the hungry spirits roaming around the streets. That was what I expect to experience in the Chinatown. This, unfortunately, did not happened on my last night in Singapore. But not a great deal and not missed as I have already been to Singapore’s Chinatown a couple of years ago and knew what it was like. I was only hoping to see if they put up a good show for the 2 festivals.

I left my hotel about six-ish to catch the SIA Hop-on tourist bus. It was still light when I waited for the bus. It was a long wait. By the time I got onto the bus, it was starting to get dark. The bus crossed an old heritage bridge on South Beach Road. The view along the river was breathtaking with a row of colourful neon shop signs   – bars and restaurants, and a view of the business district. I decided a detour and disembarked from the bus to explore the riverfront restaurants.P1120962There was an interesting graffiti street art along a small pedestrian tunnel below the historical bridge.P1120979 P1120978I enjoyed my evening stroll along the river which was surprisingly relaxing and quiet on the opposite side of the river away from the row of restaurants and bars. A “ying and yang” effect of harmony along the river.P1120987P1130005 P1130003P1130019P1130026 P1130013

After a long evening stroll, I decided to make my way to the Bugis street for a cheap dinner. I have noticed a street stall selling teochew style roast duck. It costs  $6 for a plate of some duck meat, tofu, bean sprouts and rice noodle. My verdict it was only an okay meal. P1130036 P1130032

4 responses to “Singapore by Night

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  2. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing these. Singapore does look dazzling by night. Last time I visited Chinatown plaza, I had a blast plus the food was great. On my return trip to Singapore, I’ll have dinner at one of those riverfront restaurants that I’ve seen in the photos. It would be great to watch the CBD light up in the evening right before your eyes while enjoying a love meal!

  3. Singapore is such a lovely place to visit. I’ve been there once or twice before and I just loved the food! I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. You just inspired me to go out more, hahahah!

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