5 Short Blasts

It’s blue. I could see them from my apartment! 5 little blue boats slowly cruising up and down the Yarra River early in the morning for the past 3 weekends. The first weekend when I saw them, I was wondering why there were 5 small blue boats taking off from the Collins Landing in front of the ANZ HQ Building Yarra’s Edge.  Then, I remember it was one of the art installation project sponsored by the City of Melbourne and supported by Port of Melbourne featuring the sounds and sights of the harbour city, created and choreographed by artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, which I had booked a month ago.

I have to say that I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first read about the 5 Short Blasts. All I knew was it is an art and sound installation project and it involves being on the river. P1140338I booked a 9am on a Sunday morning. Meeting point was at the Water Plaza in Victoria Harbour. It was a short 10 minutes walk from our apartment. The weather was perfect – calm water with light wind and mild temperature. There were 5 small blue boats. 4 passengers to a boat and a private “seafaring” skipper who spends most of his / her life experience working on the water city of Melbourne. Or, at least our boat skipper “Alan” has spent all his life working as a seafarer and has some wonderful stories to tell. The journey took us up the river under the Bolte Bridge and the working wharfs unloading cargos from the gigantic ships. P1140337P1140356P1140345P1140371P1140384

We were very lucky to participate on this once in a lifetime experience of the 5 Short Blasts. I will remember this special journey on Melbourne waterway for a long time. A great way to start the morning and weekend.

Thanks to all the wonderful people for putting this program together and most of all, our skipper “Alan” who even share his thermal flask of warm tea and a packet of biscuits. At the end of our trip, Alan gave each of us a small pamphlet featuring the program, sponsors, creators and people involved on the program, including history and facts on various signals used in the waterway to prevent any collision. It is a well documented little hand pamphlets 52 pages thick.

Well done!

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