Melbourne Now

Melbourne Now is an art installation featuring over 175 individual artists, curators and group presentations across the various venues of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).  The exhibition is free and open to the public.  P1140550

The main exhibitions are installed at the NGV International and The Ian Potter Centre – NGV Australia at the Federation Square, and a few other venues. I went to the one at The Ian Potter Centre this weekend. At FedSquare (Federation Square), there are many other things to see and do. On a Saturday, there is the Book Market with a few regular pop-up stalls for the novice book collectors and readers.P1140552I love everything about Melbourne. It is a city that is easy to get around either by foot or by Tram. There is a free city circle tourist Tram that runs around the outer grid of the CBD. There are many cobblestone lane ways to explore. This is an art and culture capital of Australia. I have moved here 2 years and 3 months now. I still find the city a great place to live. The city grows by 1,400 residents each day! Federation Square and Flinders Station are one of the most visited tourist spot in the city. They are across each other separated by a tram station in the middle section of the street. The old dame Flinders Station versus the new and open public Fed Square – a square that is either hated or loved by the Melbournians. I love both of them for their own uniqueness in its architectural forms.P1140604 P1140606 P1140610P1140614At the Ian Potter Centre, there are 3 levels with separate rooms and open halls showcasing the Melbourne Now  art installations. There are 2 installations that really stood out for me. They are my favourites – one for its creativity and interaction with the visitor, and the other for the artist’s message and provocativeness of  each of her work.

Sedulur Gamelan (Gamelan Sisters)P1140490 P1140492 P1140501I can tell from the other side of the wall was the sound of Javanese musical instruments, imagining there was a group of Javanese musicians. But, it turned out to be a self play interactive musical instruments with a  twin interlocked wooden structures of instruments to create an abstract of an 18th century double grand piano. The 2 cases housed 56 Gamelan instruments from Yogyakarta that have been automated to function as a self-governing electro-mechanical orchestra performing musical transriptions of drawings by American artist Robert Smithson. Visitors can select works to be performed by pressing the gilded triangles on the hexagonal console. I imagine this would have taken a group of musical geniuses to put this masterpiece together.

My next favourite was a very confronting work by Julia deVille called Degustation. It is not for someone with a weak stomach. It is on the dark side. But beautiful at the same time.

DegustationP1140527Taxidermy dead domestic and wild animals, birds, fowls and mostly the young ones with jewellery studded onto their body reminiscent of the Victorian era. Her installation offers a way to consider mortality,  remembrance and animal welfare in a creative and contemplative manner. All the animals died of natural causes. The artist is a Vegan who holds a passionate view on animal welfare. P1140530 P1140533The other installations are visually interesting and some colourful, but don’t interact or connect with me like the Gamelan Sisters and Degustation. P1140509 P1140517 P1140473 P1140545 P1140548Melbourne Now is on until 23 March 2014. I will definitely go back for another visit or two in the new year. Talking about the new year, we are only 3 days from Christmas and 10 days to 2014.

Wishing all my followers and readers a happy Christmas and New Year 2014 and be safe during this festive season. I hope none of your dining table will look anything like the picture! 🙂

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