About Foodtrail

Welcome or “Selamat Datang” !

This is a blog about food for people who love eating food, experimenting with new and delicious ideas, and seeking that holiday destination. If you love food and travel, and love sharing your ideas and experiences then this is the place for you.

I will take you on a personal journey to places that I like to visit and food that I like to eat. I will cook dishes that I grew up with and share with you. At times, I will explore beyond my Chinese Malaysian culture to invent my own personal dish. I will share with you if it works; otherwise, it will be my little secret. 😉

Everyone is welcome to participate here, and if you have any ideas or topics that you would like to discuss, please feel welcome to contact me.

I hope you will enjoy reading Foodtrail, find the recipes enticing to try in the kitchen and places to visit informative for your next vacation.

Happy Reading.


One response to “About Foodtrail

  1. hey victor, nicest blog you have. as I have a blog for restaurants reviews, why dont we exchange links in ours blogrolls?

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